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#socks Of The Day

Everything socks!
#socks Of The Day Everything socks!

The holidays may have long been gone, but the brr month is apparently here to stay. And while we wish we could say that the cold doesn’t bother us, this sweater weather got us rummaging through our closets in search of a pair of socks that’ll keep our feet warm and cozy. Check out these quirky socks that’ll surely brighten up your gloomy day!

Laureen Uy's choice of socks comes in Marsala and polka dot print. Perfect for 2015, won't you agree?

Socks game on point! David Guison might have gotten tired of playing hide and seek, so here's his cute alternative.

Here's a pair that goes perfectly well together as demonstrated by our Preview fashion director Daryl Chang.

And as for our creative director Vince Uy, his weapon of choice got us going gaga over autumn leaves.

We can also learn a thing or two from Style Bible's associate fashion and beauty editor, Zoe Laurente, on how to keep it fun and festive.


Are you social media savvy? Then Karen Bolilia's emoji socks would be a perfect companion for you, too!

Thanks to Patricia Prieto for this quirky idea. Now, who's in the mood for some beer?

Obsessing over Ryan Gosling? Don't worry, dear, we totally get you! Now, here's beauty editor Agoo Bengzon's quick remedy for that infatuation: Have his face printed all over your socks!

Blogger Camie Juan went for a pair of mismatched socks, but who can blame her? Even we wouldn't be able to decide which one to choose between the two.

Want Melissa Gatchalian's style advice? If you can't decide on which design you like best, sport all possible prints in one pair!

But then again, if you're a minimalist kind of gal, you can just always go for red and white stripes just like fashion blogger Rhea Bue.

So, which one did you like best? If you also own a cute pair or two, tweet us @stylebibleph and we'd love to see it, too!

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