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Meet the Equally Fashionable Daughters of Some of the Philippines' Most Stylish Socialites

Meet the Equally Fashionable Daughters of Some of the Philippines' Most Stylish Socialites
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/rociozobel, Instagram/smalllaude
The future is bright for the next generation of high society’s roses.

From life-of-the-party Small Laude to the always-impeccably-dressed Tessa Prieto-Valdes, the stylish members of high society have always celebrated philanthropy and fashion. With iconic legacies under their belts, it’s no surprise that the country's well-known socialites have passed on their gorgeous looks and talent to their daughters. Case in point: the young ladies who are not just ineffably stylish like their moms but also keen on making their marks in their own right. 

Below, scroll through to get to know the next generation of fashionable young socialites worth having on your radar.

Stylish Socialite Daughters to Watch

1. Allison Laude

PHOTO BY Instagram/smalllaude

Vlogger Small Laude is one proud mom to her unica hija Allison and for a good reason: She recently got accepted at the prestigious Claremont McKenna College in California, which boasts the likes of Robin Williams as part of its notable alumni body—no biggie! Although her mom is known for combining funny and wildly fabulous antics on her vlogs, Allison has a different and quieter demeanor, as she’s more focused on her student life as one of her school’s cultural club officers.


2. Jordan Prieto-Valdes

PHOTO BY Instagram/banannika

When searching for style inspo, Jordan is surely spoiled for choice—thanks to her mother Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ flair for everything maximalist and festive. But it seems like fashion’s ultimate chameleon is allowing her daughter to shine on her own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 25-year-old artist is currently Siargao-based, juggling time between writing and surfing. Inspired by her love for the sport, she’s launching her swimsuit line soon, too!

3. Noelle Martinez

PHOTO BY Instagram/iamnoellemartinez
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It’s hard not to marvel at how model Mikaela Martinez managed to maintain her youthful beauty after all these years, not to mention the fact that she can pass off as an older sister to her eldest daughter Noelle. Aside from the good genes, her teenage kid also got her content creation skills and entrepreneurial mindset, as she has her own vlog and activewear line at the young age of 18.

4. Rocio Zobel

PHOTO BY Instagram/rociozobel

As heiress to one of the country’s wealthiest clans, Rocio is one to flaunt her fun personality all over social media. Like a true Gen Z personality, she’s active on TikTok and sometimes even includes her mom Maricris Zobel in her videos! When she’s not busy with school, the fashion design and online photography student showcases her creativity with her fashion-forward OOTDs.

5. Natalia Ortega

PHOTO BY Instagram/nataliaortega

One look at Natalia and her features will remind you of her mom Nicole Ortega given their striking resemblance! The blogger’s mini-me followed in her mom’s footsteps and is pursuing content creation, aside from modeling for big beauty brands and fashion houses.

6. Steph Ayson

PHOTO BY Instagram/stephayson

Fashion influencer Steph’s mom Suzette Ayson is the owner of famed luxury brand JMA Jewelry, so it is no surprise that diamond talk has been her second language since childhood. Incorporating the learnings and industry support she got from her mom, she launched her own brand PRANCA, which prides itself as an accessible semi-fine jewelry brand for elegant day-by-day accessories.

7. Atasha Muhlach

PHOTO BY Instagram/atashamuhlach

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—a maxim that holds true for celebrity daughter Atasha, who got her style genes from her mother Charlene Gonzales. The former beauty queen certainly passed on sartorial tips to the young It girl, who made headlines when she debuted at the prestigious high society Le Bal des Debutantes along with other socialites from across the globe.

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