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So You Want To Be A Celebrity Stylist?

Here are the 10 things you need to look like a pro.
So You Want To Be A Celebrity Stylist? Here are the 10 things you need to look like a pro.

To be able to call oneself a “celebrity stylist,” you must possess the following: A keen eye for fashion (which should be the easy part), a celebrity client (which is obviously the challenging part), and well, a styling kit (duh). The first part is easy because it’s either you have it or you don’t. But as for the second requirement, let’s just say you’ve managed to score an artista who finally wants to book you for a gig... Congratulations! That means you’re just one step shy from becoming a certified celebrity stylist.

Here, we break down the must-haves you need to prepare if you don’t want to end up looking like an amateur in a competitive industry filled with styling pros.


A professional stylist does not arrive at a shoot lugging around shopping bags which came straight from the stores. Keeping everything organized inside a garment bag suggests that you prepped everything the night before. Plus, it’s a good idea to already segregate planned outfits for each layout. You can even label it per garment bag if you need to.

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Don’t just hang your clothes everywhere, you silly girl! A clothing rack may seem a little pricey especially if you’re still starting in the biz, but it’s an important investment you need to splurge on if you’re truly serious about making a career in styling.

No matter how pretty or expensive a dress is, an ugly crease can land your artista a spot in the worst dressed list. Keep a portable steamer handy to iron out those horrible-looking wrinkles whenever, wherever.


As a stylist, clothes and accessories serve as your bread and butter. You invest in jewelry the same way a restaurateur invests in silverware. That said, make sure to take good care of your prized trinkets and always keep them organized. Every bead in that fancy embroidered necklace counts!


These office supplies can do wonders to help give your model that seamless silhouette, so stock up on paper clamps during photo shoots and hide away the imperfections at the back where the camera won’t see it. You can’t always rely on Adobe Photoshop to do your job for you, you know?


The abovementioned may work for pictorials, but for tapings or live events (say, ASAP or Sunday All Stars) where your artista is actually required to walk around, counting on a paper clamp to keep her outfit from falling apart is no longer a feasible option. A safety pin, on the other hand, will do a much better job to secure your temporary alterations.


If all else fails, well, you better wish you still remember basic sewing from your Home Economics class. It’s a non-negotiable ability that you need to master—fine, cautious, and ridiculously fast sewing skills.

The movie director may suddenly demand a sleeveless white cotton T-shirt for a scene, or your petite celebrity client may refuse to wear a skirt that doesn’t fall above her knees. Either way, prepare yourself a pair of scissors and hope that it won’t be you who gets cut out of the job.


We’d recommend fashion tape, but if you ever run out of supplies, a roll of double-sided tape that you can easily purchase from National Bookstore can also do the trick. Trust us, you don’t want to get blamed for any wardrobe malfunctions when an actress wears a side-baring top or a plunging neckline.


Whether it’s pet hair, dust or whatever fuzz, here’s an easy-peasy way to keep your client’s ensemble lint-free and ready for the camera!

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