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Sketch For Sight

Avel Bacudio draws for a cause.
Sketch For Sight Avel Bacudio draws for a cause.
Avel Bacudio has got a passion for fashion, but apparently, his fiery ardor is channeled elsewhere too. Who knew that the designer known for dressing high-profile celebs has discovered another not so high-profile love in the form of doing charitable work? Avel has found a calling in helping others, and has developed a particularly soft spot for the visually impaired.

Avel shares that five years ago, he underwent an operation to repair his retinal detachment condition. “My doctor told me that I was lucky since I could undergo an operation. He said a lot of children with the same condition can't afford to do so and just end up going blind. I thought to myself that even by just giving these children eyeglasses, I'd be helping already.”

With his heart in the right place, Avel chose to work with what he's got-his uncanny fashion know how-and took to the drawing board (literally so) to raise a few bucks for the visually impaired. Avel is now selling his fashion illustrations for P5000 each, the proceeds of which will go to purchasing eye glasses for visually impaired street children.

Each pretty sketch is created on Oslo paper with the use of watercolors, and is framed in a 20X20 black wooden frame. Interested shoppers may contact Avel Bacudio. See the Designer Directory for details.

Click on to see some of Avel's sketches that are up for grabs.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant
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