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Sister Act

Amina and Rosanna Aranaz team up for Aranaz Ropaz y
Sister Act Amina and Rosanna Aranaz team up for Aranaz Ropaz y

As famed fashion blogger Rosanna Aranaz joins sister Amina in designing for the family label, the brand gets a bit of a revamp. Aranaz expands its horizons as it delves into other realms of fashion; the sisters collaborate for Aranaz Ropas and Aranaz Complementos- brand spanking new clothing and accessories lines.

“It's something we've always wanted to explore. Now with me around, we felt like it's time for something new, fresh and exciting for the brand,” shares Rosanna. Aranaz Ropas features jackets with special details like weaving, intricate beadwork, and handcut petal trimmings. Aranaz Complementos offers lace headpieces, statement earrings and satin bib necklaces. All designs from these new lines bear the trademark Aranaz luxe look of romanticism suspended in the symmetry of the native and the modern.

“Each design from these new lines are 50% me and 50% Amina,” Rosanna says. “We brainstorm, research and work on samples together, continuously giving each other input.” Rosanna goes on to describe her experiences as she officially enrolls in Aranaz: “It's a lot of fun, being able to work with my sister; It's like child's play! Amina has such a clear direction and really knows what style or look she likes. She's especially good with small details and making things look pretty.”

Ever the proud older sister, Amina shares her sister's excitement. “Rosanna's fresh eye and ability to foresee trends and a strong gut feel for the next big thing in style is her greatest strength as a designer.” It's crystal clear that Amina thinks Aranaz is lucky to have a new addition, and with what we've seen so far, we think so too.

Click on to view Aranaz Ropas and Aranaz Complementos pieces.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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