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5 Sick Day Outfits To Make You Look and Feel Better

Dress yourself to a faster recovery!
5 Sick Day Outfits To Make You Look and Feel Better
Dress yourself to a faster recovery!

Looking your best is a reasonable first step towards feeling your best. So before your antibiotics kick in, you should trick yourself into feeling better through wearing a killer outfit. Prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style is easier than you think!

Here, we have comfy outfit formulas you can depend on during your off-days:

1. Sweater + Suspenders + Cropped pants + Mules

IMAGE Garance Doré

Suspenders can add a whimsical twist to any outfit, especially for casual combos that need an upgrade. 

2. Ribbed knit dress + Soft trench coat + Socks with heels


Switch out your sleeping robe and slippers combo with this warm and cozy ensemble for a look that pops.

3. Turtleneck + Sweatpants + Oversized blazer + Sneakers


Who says you can't wear sweatpants to your lunch meetings? You can bring the comfort of your couch to the outside world with a trusty turtleneck and a blazer.

4. Oversized sweater + Satin slip dress + Block-heeled shoes


To change things up a little, opt for a deconstructed or shoulder-baring sweater. Layer it with something that reminds you of your bed like a slip dress, and if you have to wear heels, choose a pair you can run in.

5. Hooded sweatshirt + Straight leg jeans + Ankle boots

IMAGE Bershka

Hoodies are not off-limits if you want to look more put together. What you need is one that doesn't overwhelm your figure so you can wear it with a good pair of bottoms.