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These Are the Most Flattering Shoes to Pair with Your Skinny Jeans

Because your shoes can make or break your outfit!
These Are the Most Flattering Shoes to Pair with Your Skinny Jeans
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Because your shoes can make or break your outfit!

Skinny jeans are probably one of the most reliable closet staples for many girls. It's a style that flatters just about anyone, making it practically impossible for someone not to own a pair. Skinny jeans are a hardworking wardrobe must-have that can be worn day in and day out, no matter your style aesthetic or sartorial preference. What's more, they almost never go out of fashion!

To maximize its sartorial potential, we rounded up a number of tips to keep in mind when choosing the best footwear to pair with your skinny jeans. After choosing which pair of skinny jeans best flatters your body, the next thing to do is decide on your shoes—they can make or break your whole look, after all. Consider this your cheat sheet!

How to Shop for the Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans

First things first! When shopping for skinny jeans, you need to mind a few deets to make sure they highlight your curves and elongate your body. Take note of the following:


1. Cut

Not all skinnies are created equal. Be discerning of the cut you choose. Some skinny jeans have a high back, which renders the front zipper too short. Some are high-waisted, low-rise, mid-rise, etc. Remember: the lower the cut of the jean, the more it elongates your torso. Thus, the best shoes for this should be less bulky.

2. Tailoring

It may seem like a trivial thing, but knowing this goes a long way. Since most skinny jeans sold locally are made in European or American sizes, the legs are typically longer. Hence, altering your jeans, if needed, is a must. Fabric scrunching at the ankles is an eyesore and will instantly cut you off at the wrong point. This makes you look bulkier at the base and thereby shorter—opposite the calf-lengthening effect that skinnies can give you. Ideally, the hems of your skinny jeans should be cut off slightly above your ankle. You can keep it a couple of inches longer if the pair is meant to be folded up.

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3. Distress and wash

Skinnies can be a casual piece, but you can totally elevate it just by paying close attention to how the fabric is distressed and its color wash. The darker the wash and the less fabric fraying there is, the more likely it is for your skinny jeans to grace dressier occasions.

Shoe + Skinny Jean Guide

Now that you already know how to shop for the perfect pair of skinny jeans, it's time to know which pairs of shoes can help you create the most stylish looks. Ahead, score styling tips for the most ideal and flattering skinny-and-shoe pairings.


1. Loafers

If you've gotten tired of ballet flats, a pair of loafers can dress up your skinny jeans without exerting too much effort. They're a sleek and polished shoe choice that still bears the same simple vibe your ballet flats can give you. If you're already donning a dark-hued jean, it's best you go for printed loafers or ones with a patent finish to up the ante.


2. Sandals

Open-toed sandals would also look great when paired with your skinny jeans. In fact, it's high time you explore this shoe pairing—after all, the ugly sandal trend is in all time high. Just remember to balance out the casualness of your bottom half by throwing on a blazer or a structured jacket.


3. Lace-up sneakers

While classic white kicks will always be a crowd favorite, don't be afraid to explore colored options. For example, push the boundaries and opt for red-hot lace-up sneakers when you're wearing your lightest skinny jean wash. Doing so will bring out the bold shoe color while maintaining a cool vibe with the complementary blue jean hue. Fit-wise, make sure your skinny jean halts just above your ankle to avoid looking bulky.

4. Slip-ons

Skinny jeans plus slip-on kicks is the perfect entry level pairing for non-sneaker fans. This combo will make you feel like you're wearing normal loafers while enabling you to dabble into sneaker territory. Plus, if you choose embellished, no-fuss slip-ons to wear with your casual skinny jeans, you can inject a casual dainty and sporty vibe to your look in an instant!


5. Sporty trainers

Bulky shoes are also a contender when it comes to shoe options to match with skinny jeans. They provide a more interesting silhouette in contrast to your basic skinny jean's slimming fit. A word of caution, though: Be sure to wear tailored skinny jeans to avoid the fabric pooling at your ankles, which can stump your height. Fold the jean, if you must. Or, you can opt to extend the jean by wearing same-colored socks to effectively lengthen your gams.


6. Strappy heels

Skinny jeans naturally follow your shape, so you'll want a pair of shoes that will easily complement your figure. Stock up on strappy heels to give the illusion of longer legs! PVC-strapped shoes are also a cute option!

7. Kitten heels

Kitten heels are your best bets if you're not too comfortable wearing stilts. Not only is the silhouette easy to wear, they're also flattering to pair with skinny jeans as they can effectively slim down your ankles.


8. Block heels

Here's another comfy option to pair with your skinny jeans: block heels. This kind of footwear can lend you the leg-lengthening magic heels naturally have. Combine it with the slimming silhouette skinny jeans have, and you've got yourself mile-long gams to boost your height! Easy-peasy!

9. Court shoe heels

For office gals with a strict dress code, court shoe pumps will instantly dress up your skinny jeans for casual Fridays. They're a classic yet sleek footwear option that can make your work OOTDs more refined and sophisticated, not to mention elongate your frame with its pointed toe. But don't be limited to nudes and blacks; statement colored pumps will give a fun, sartorial boost to your office wardrobe.


10. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are also a cool footwear option when you're donning your fave skinny jeans. Just remember to opt for a skinny pair that will halt right above the top of the boots to avoid stumping your frame.

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