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These Are the Coolest Shoe Trends You Need to Pay Attention to This 2020

Step into the new decade.
These Are the Coolest Shoe Trends You Need to Pay Attention to This 2020
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Step into the new decade.

Step into the new decade with both feet firmly on fashion's proverbial pulse! After an eagle-eyed quarter into the year, we've figured out what stompers you and the style set will want to march in as the coming few months drone onward.

Not including fads that have successfully trickled in from 2019 (those chunky sneakers and whisper-thin The Row straps remain relevant and much-loved, in case you needed confirmation), here, our roundup of shoe trends to strut this 2020.

1. Exaggerated square toes

This is all Bottega Veneta's fault, to our sheer and utter delight. Taking the the form of square, platypus bill-like snouts that have pretty much given the classic pointed pump a frantic run for its money, this isn't your token, run-of-the-mill silhouette, and it's certainly not one that's made to flatter. The assumption closer to home would probably be that its spatula shape is explicitly meant to raise questions. That's #fashion for you!


2. Bejeweled buckles

Our favorite sparklers have got to be Mach & Mach's glittering ribbons, Roger Vivier's embellished Broche Strass mules...and these. They are, by themselves, total statementsau courant, instantly recognizable, and hot on every fashion insider's high-alert radar. Its telltale trumpet heel is a status symbol at first sight: Meet Paris-based, Italy-raised designer Amina Muaddi and the Begum, her namesake shoe label's arguably most popular item.

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We're pretty damn sure you've seen these around. The cult-popular brand is known for ultra-glamorous, straight-up fabulous stilts that are instant headturners, all thanks to a generous dousing of feathers and sparkle. The likes of Janine Gutierrez and Marian Rivera are avid fans! Oh, and rumor has it that they're oozing with equal parts drama, sophistication, and...comfort. Yep, believe it or not, you can teeter on those flare-based heels for hours, the 'gram's chicest confide.


3. Peeptoe stiletto slides

Perfect pedicures at the ready! Whether or not it's summer where you are, you've no doubt noticed a certain '90s relic that's making its way back (well, apart from the already-popular likes of cardigans and bike shorts, that is): the peeptoe slide sandal stiletto.

Gucci's candy-cute take is strongly reminiscent of all those microscopic little Barbie shoes we'd always lose as little girls. Bet you won't find one of these patent-leather pretties in a random corner of your childhood living room couch, though. If you're a die-hard minimalist, these chic, restrained Magda Butryms are your ideal way into the trend.


4. Velcro sandals

Maybe your beloved Birkenstocks officially need a fellow once-shunned companion. We already hinted at it waaay back in August 2019 (because, let's be real, that was pretty much eons ago in fashion speak), but the pressing question has now reached maximum urgency: Will you continue to ignore the subverted sandal's call?


As a tot, few treats were on the same level of exciting as copping a brand spankin' new pair of light-up velcro kicks. You know the ones! Nothing beats that satisfying rrrrrip! noise. Now that you're big girl with #taste, there are still ways to reminisce sans regressing; wear yours with Liz Uy's boudoir-ready silks or a cloudlike Cecilie Bahnsen frock.

5. Mary Janes

"Do you know what these are?" the inimitible Carrie Bradshaw demanded in that memorable SATC episode, eyes beseeching." Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!" You may never get the chance to raid Vogue's accessories closet like she did (God knows we're jealous), but her excitement is just as palpable in 2020. Mary Janes have returned, and they're even better than they were back in your long-ago childhood. Bea Soriano-Dee's kitschy-cute white Miu Miu versions are particularly of-the-moment.


We've seen the demure poodle skirt pairings of '50s and the '90s' grunge-flavored, Doc Martens fuel. And now? The answer: Sky-high, ultra-glam, and preferably styled with sheer black stockings a la the vixens over at Saint Laurent. Don't leave the attitude at home.

6. Mesh details

Mesh and all its inherent scuba-slash-sport associations may remind you of 2015's obsession with the likes of Alexander Wang's memorable normcore neoprene maniain your style-savvy head, it might be (okay, fine) a bit dated, and so not current.


However, in the grand tradition of Daniel Lee's aforementioned much-coveted new BV, you're about to be proven wrong. Everyone who's everyone is fawning over his fishnet-esque Stretch pumps, featuring that telltale exaggerated square toe and slim gold chain adornment all the fashion girls wanna be caught in right now. President Nadine Lustre casts her vote in its favor.

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