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Shay Mitchell Owns Her Entire Wardrobe From 'You'

Shay Mitchell is literally her character, image-wise, at least.
Shay Mitchell Owns Her Entire Wardrobe From 'You'
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/shaymitchell
Shay Mitchell is literally her character, image-wise, at least.

We can all agree that Shay Mitchell's character Peach Salinger on the new Netflix hit series You is a style icon all on her own. How could she not with all that old rich money Peach goes about the Big Apple, looking every bit the young socialite with a clearly eventful night life? But perhaps the most interesting part about Peach's wardrobe? All of it actually came from Shay's own closet.

She admitted this in an interview, after amusingly answering if her character's clothes, in any way, spoke about her personality. "Those clothes were all mine so hopefully it doesn't say that she's crazy, because truly, I brought five suitcases for that," Shay tells Preview, noting her character's controlling and manipulative characteristics, both of which she definitely does not personally resonate with.


"I really wanted to be real for the show, and the budget isn't huge but her being that character, I wanted her to have certain things so it was important for me that she looked the part. And I brought my stuff out there. It was fun getting to curate her image. I dressed her a little bit differently and made her look a little bit different from how I would wear it," Shay explains. In addition, she says she also got to work with a stylist on the show to get the perfect modern high-brow aesthetic for her character.

Take a peek below at a few of Shay's looks from You, including her personal favorite: the cheetah print top.

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