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Shaira Luna's 5 Most Memorable Fashion Shoots

The fashion photographer shares her faves.
Shaira Luna's 5 Most Memorable Fashion Shoots The fashion photographer shares her faves.

More than 20 years ago, anyone could have so easily recognized Shaira Luna as the “gifted child” who starred in the popular Promil TV commercial. Nowadays, she’s become famous for something else—as one of the most sought-after photographers in the local fashion scene who’s taking the industry by storm one click at a time.

There’s not a shred of doubt that she’s done so many impressive editorials and ad campaigns in her ten years pursuing her passion for photography. Although each is special in its own way, Shaira does keep a few closer to her heart. Below are five of her most memorable shoots to date.

1. “Who Wears the Pants?”


"Gucci is almost synonymous to retro, so when Preview stylist Loris Peña said we were going to do a ‘70s secretary story with the pre-Fall collection, I was filled with excitement! The mood board from Vince Uy and the art direction of Eugene David were right up my alley, too, so combined with the very awesome hair and make-up, location, models, styling, and those gooooorgeous clothes, I really consider this one of my favorite high-fashion editorials."

2. “Beachwood Canyon”

"[It’s one of my faves] because I got to work with Stoned Immaculate Vintage owner and stylist, Chloe Chippendale! She saw one of my self-styled seventies editorials on C-Heads Mag, and then she messaged me on Instagram saying that she would love to style a story with me in case I ever found myself in LA! I wanted to faint! (Laughs) Months and months later, I did end up in Los Angeles, and she totally made this shoot happen. I still can't believe it! The editorial is in the latest print issue of Cake Magazine."


3. “Beach Baby”


"I like this set because it's very color-saturated, and is a refreshing palette beside my usual faded photographs. I spotted those matching purple swimsuits for P35 each during my first time in the big Anonas ukay-ukay. The ideas for the images I wanted to shoot came right then and there (as they usually do when I thrift), but when I finally shot them, I decided to throw in some colorful souvenir or giveaway towels I happened to have at home. I'm glad I did, because the images really popped!"

4. “Regatta Campaigns”

"People who know me well know that I usually keep my commercial, studio, and advertising work separate from my regular feed, but I love incorporating my work for Regatta into my social media presence because it's happy and sunshiny and fun! There's great camaraderie and team work when we shoot, and they just let me run loose (literally) with their mood boards. I've been shooting their campaigns for the last three years, and am very, very grateful for the trust they continue to give me."


5. “Without John”


"The eighth or ninth installment of my Icon Series, where I take direct inspiration and recreate great figures from the past, is a more poignant re-imagining of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's most iconic photographs. Inseparable during their time, I wanted the photos to reflect both love and loss. The location I found looked almost identical to the backgrounds in the inspiration photos, so I made sure that my thrifted clothes would resemble the originals, as well."

Photos courtesy of Shaira Luna