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Alma Moreno and Gloria Diaz Showed Some Skin in This Vintage Magazine

Five sexy cover girls of the ‘70s.
Alma Moreno and Gloria Diaz Showed Some Skin in This Vintage Magazine Five sexy cover girls of the ‘70s.

Before there was FHM, before there was Playboy (in the Philippines at least), there was Ginoo, a gentleman’s magazine that tackled the unlikely combination of sex and business during the Martial Law era. The Fortnightly was such a big hit, not only because it was fronted by the country’s hottest in yesteryear’s skivvies, but also because it discussed an array of topics from art, films, drinks, clubs, fashion, economics, and even thoughts on the third sex (as it was previously called) all well-written with a hint of cheeky humor. One time, it made a list of the country’s most beautiful, and enlisted the opinion of not just any men, but influential personalities that ranged from the likes of Dolphy, Former President Fidel Ramos, and Jose Joya. Imelda Marcos came out on top (duh).

In the glossy’s short but sweet year-long run, it has proven that the ‘70s did not only get fashion right, but that in publishing, beauty and brains sell. See five of their covers below.   


Six years after she won the Miss Universe crown for the country, a more daring Gloria Diaz fronted Ginoo. On talks of the wet look she says: "I'll go looking drenched because I enjoy it. Or I'll do it for commercial reasons, but I will never make art an excuse."


Alma Moreno was called "the Sex Goddess of Philippine movies and TV" so naturally she had to grace the cover of a magazine that celebrated women like her. But if a young Alma Moreno were to try to become an artista today, would she make it? Read here. 


In her cover story, Pilar Pilapil was described as a morning glass of milk and cream cheese sandwich served in bed. We say, if she belonged in this gen, she could totally be a part of Mario Testino's Towel Series next to Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss—but Ginoo totally did it first. 



"Two people should jump into bed first before they think of plunging into something serious," says the actress who posed nude with just umbrellas.


Before she married Joey de Leon and had kids Keempee and Jacinta, an innocent-looking Daria had a rising acting career and a resemblance to Pocahontas.

Read the full story in Esquire Philippines May 2015 issue with Karen Davila on the cover. Buy it here.

Photos by Paul del Rosario from the personal collection of photographer Jay Tablante’s father.