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Self Improvement: How To Talk Like Julia Barretto

Enunciate the way an It girl would, like, stylishly.
Self Improvement: How To Talk Like Julia Barretto Enunciate the way an It girl would, like, stylishly.

Julia Barretto may have only turned 18, but she surely doesn’t sound like one. Her airy, mellow way of speaking, always on the cusp of a gasp, brings out a sophisticated charm kind of like those gorgeous movie sirens who can say booger, for example, and make it sound like it’s the most precious thing in the world. Apparently, according to the New York Times, there is a term for this: Vocal Fry. Linguists describe it as a guttural fluttering of the vocal cords, basically a raspy or croaking sound injected at the end of a word or sentence.

Studies show that girls simply can’t help animate themselves when they converse. Aside from multiplying the vowels when texting (Okay! becomes okaaaay!), females are naturals at word play, as well as experts at immortalizing diction. This, we couldn’t help but notice upon watching our 18 Questions with Julia Barretto video.  We realized, we could learn a thing or two from the softspoken teen. Hey! People do pay to learn how to talk in a sophisti-cute manner, you know. John Robert Powers ring a bell?


Ready for The Enunciation of Julia? Scroll down and let's have some fun. 

Line 1: Kinda Sexy by MAC

Say it the Julia way: Slowly say kinda sexy. Pause, then say, by MAHCK. Bat eyelash after. 

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Line 2: Oh, Lavender. 

Say it the Julia way: Add (a shocked) Oh, then proceed to syllabicating Lah-van-der with an emphasis on the r. 

Line 3: Chocolate

Say it the Julia way: Chalk (croak) lit, say it like it's the best thing in the world (well, it is), roll eyes, duh. 


Line 4: Disrespectful

Say it the Julia way: Disrespect-fulle, allow your tongue to graze your teeth for a bit. Take this moment to feel your hatred for peeps without manners. 

Line 5: Aztec

Say it the Julia way: Az-teK, with disgust. And conviction when you pronounce the C at the end. 

Now to practice that croak without sounding like a frog. You might want to watch our video so you can repeat after her. (Click HERE.) Enjoy!


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