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Would You Buy This Chic PPE Coat and Mask Set?

This stylish safety gear serves a dual purpose.
Would You Buy This Chic PPE Coat and Mask Set? This stylish safety gear serves a dual purpose.

With quarantine extended yet again, and a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus nowhere in sight just yet, many have begun adjusting old routines and building new habits according to our new normal. Masks are de rigeur for out-of-house errands, and we won’t fault anyone who chooses to take the protective gear they wear a notch or two extra. (Face shield and gloves? We hear you!)

It’s one thing to consider what to wear for a grocery run, and another if you’re a patient that needs to go to the hospital for treatment. This is what prompted Mikka Padua of Seek the Uniq to produce non-medical, personal protective suits.

Providing Protective Gear for Active Patients


A breast cancer patient and advocate, Mikka shares: “It all started with my need to go to the hospital for CA treatments and routine scans. While everyone else was busy equipping frontliners, there was little concern for patients with active treatments in the time of the global pandemic. In the beginning, we produced protective gowns to donate to these patients. I knew the demand for it was high but I never expected the feedback and gratitude to be so heartwarming.”

Working closely with one of Seek the Uniq’s brand partners, Arleen Sutton of Azucar, they developed and produced non-medical protective coat and mask sets that private citizens could purchase. Keeping with the intention to still help other patients, they sell these as part of a buy-one-donate-one campaign wherein a protective gown will be donated to a cancer or dialysis patient for every coat sold.

Designed for Function and Style

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“I live by my life motto that anything worth doing is worth doing well,” Mikka says. “And so these protective coats had to be chic as it is functional.” 

Water-repellant microfiber is used for the non-medical-grade coats These are non-medical grade coats, and Velcro is used for its closure. These can be used for those moments you need to step out for essentials: a grocery run, buying medicines, going to the bank. “In my case a quick jaunt to the hospital for blood work,” Mikka shares.

Naturally, since these were designed to be sold on Seek the Uniq, it was imperative for the three styles offered to bear the bohemian femininity the brand is known for. You’ll find joy in the fashion flex that ruffles, a flared skirt, and semi-volume sleeves can give at a time when we have little to zero opportunities to dress up like we used to.


Mikka adds “We gotta keep it on-brand with the hopes that we are able convey a sense of normalcy to our community.” Something we all can hold on to in these uncertain times.

The Unexpected Demand

As of press time, the trench-style and ruffled protective coats that come in black, tan, and red have all sold out. But Mikka assures that they will be restocking. In fact, they have had to restock these styles three times since they launched them last May 8. “New exciting iterations of our protective outerwear are also in the works,” she reveals. 


For the price of P1890, one can avail of a stylish protective coat and mask set, and donate a protective gown to a patient. Our mindset towards purchasing fashion may have changed during this time of quarantine, but this garment is able to address our need to protect ourselves, and be of help to others.

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