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Scarlet Snow Belo Is the Future of Beauty

An heiress to a beauty empire, this three-year-old definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill kid.

by Gabbie Tatad | Oct 24, 2018

Scarlet Snow Belo is an heiress to a beauty empire, but don't think you've got her all figured out. There's still more to this charming little girl than her cherubic face and millions of Instagram followers.

There are children of famous parents, and then there are those whose names deserve their own recognition regardless of their lineage. Scarlet Snow Belo, at three years old, has already carved out her own mold. Her Instagram page has 2.6 million followers, and of 732 posts, several are sponsored by major brands like Red Ribbon, Nestlé, and Security Bank. These are digital age accomplishments that many an influencer can only dream of knocking out of the park as flawlessly as she has. Some would argue that it’s because the account is in the control of an actual adult with some marketing and PR experience, others would say that it’s because her parents are doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. But a quick scroll through her grid is enough to understand that Scarlet isn’t your run-of-the-mill kid. 


Scarlet Snow Belo for October 2018

Yes, she’s definitely cute, with her cherubic little features and her unabashed smile that lights up her entire face. There is also mystery and depth to her, despite her being so young, and a look in her eyes that tell you her mind is running a curious mile a minute. “She’s the most observant kid I’ve ever met,” says her mother. Hayden interjects that Scarlet must’ve picked it up from Vicki, to which she is quick to respond, “In fact, more [curious] than me. Kasi me, I always check, I always scan. People always say they don’t want to go in front of me because they know I’m checking them out; but it’s the nature of my work to train my eye to do that. But Scarlet, even at one and a half or two, it was amazing. My best friend is her ninang. She never has pimples, but [one] day she had a pimple that was small and was just beginning to grow. I didn’t even see it, considering how my eyes are trained, and she looked at her ninang and said, ‘What’s that?’”

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Vicki adds, “The other day I was amazed, because she made a card for her teachers. We were in Disney at the time they were supposed to give the card, so she had to do it ahead of time. So she drew a very simple drawing, but she put the moles in the right places. She notices the little things.”


Drop earrings, LOVE ROCKS

And because Scarlet is, in many ways, classically girly and always appears to her adoring public perfectly styled and groomed, many mistake this observant nature for “ka-kikayan.” Hayden laughs, saying, “She’s far from kikay.” Vicki then notes, “That’s my influence on her. I don’t like kids who are kikay. I think they’re cute, but I don’t want her to be that.” Belo explains that she thinks a lot of kids are growing up way too fast, experimenting with makeup too early and wearing designer duds that only fit them for a few months before they grow out of them. Hayden says that a lot of the designer garments Scarlet owns is due to the generosity of doting aunts, uncles, and godparents who can’t resist spoiling the charming little girl.

“For me, there’s a time for everything and there will be time enough for that. Right now, I just want her to be a kid and grow up and play.”—Dr. Vicki Belo

Vicki concedes that she herself grew up with an in-house tailor, especially when RTW wasn’t as predominant as it is now, and learned a few tricks along the way. She shares that she’s very much a one and done sort of woman when it comes to fashion, and prefers not to repeat her clothing. And because she attends a plethora of events, she often runs into other people wearing a dress that she almost wore the same evening, which dulls the shine of wearing the garment at a later date herself. So one of the things she does for Scarlet as well is to take some of those dresses and have them made into smaller garments that her daughter can wear. In a way, Scarlet dons bespoke luxury designer, but isn’t made aware of what it all means. The clothes are just clothes, and when they’re at home, Scarlet is free to run barefoot as she pleases. “For me, there’s a time for everything and there will be time enough for that. Right now, I just want her to be a kid and grow up and play.”


Earrings and necklace, LOVE ROCKS Madeline robe and slip dress; Kelly silk turban, both EVE THE

Growing Up Belo

Vicki’s early years weren’t as charmed as Scarlet’s. She was adopted, and was sorely reminded of it by the mean girls at school. “I was fat, and I was always being teased at school,” she says. “They would tease me that I was given away because I’m fat and I’m ugly. I know I had my own insecurities, but the lesson in my mind when I heard that is that if you’re fat and you’re ugly, they give you away. So… if you’re sexy and you’re beautiful, they love you. I wasn’t really concerned with beauty; it’s just the means to an end of which you’re accepted, you’re kept, you’re loved.”


She then shares that once she hit her prepubescent years, she lost the weight, but was then struggling with persistent acne. She found herself sitting and waiting at dermatological clinics from the age of 11. She spent hours and weekends watching doctors prick blemishes, administering treatments to her that didn’t really work, but also planting the seed for an interest that would later become the backbone of Belo Medical Group.

Over the years, the name Belo has become synonymous with cosmetic enhancement, and is often tagged as the ubiquitous celebrities’ choice for any and all beautification procedures.


Today, her products have made their way from the clinics to local pharmacies and department store beauty counters. You can’t pass through main thoroughfare without seeing her brand's giant billboards, raving about this slimming procedure or that skin treatment, all administered by Belo. Over the years, the name Belo has become synonymous with cosmetic enhancement, and is often tagged as the ubiquitous celebrities’ choice for any and all beautification procedures. “The positioning we have is that we are the doctors to stars. And regular people think, ‘Ah, pang mayaman lang yan.’ But what they don’t know is that 90% of our patients are normal people who want to live the best lives that they can have,” says Vicki.

The Dream Team

Hayden discusses their recent move to feature a patient of three years in their recent campaign as an effort to enlighten the public on the Belo Medical Group’s accessibility. “We wanted to focus on results and transformation. What we have that others don’t have is experience and expertise, and of course the kind of service we give to our clients. 28 years of the best practices and finding what really works.” He speaks with a quiet confidence as he says, “Vicki’s style is different; just because the machine is new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. So what she’ll do sometimes is she’ll buy machines, and if she realizes after two months that this is not working or this is not worth the money for our patients, it will get stuck here. She won’t even offer it to the patients. If it’s not value for money, she’ll basically discard it. If it doesn’t work, it goes to the house bodega.”


Earrings, LOVE ROCKS Kelsey shorts set, EVE THE

Vicki’s fascination with certain technologies also stem from her own personal needs as a woman invested in anti-aging methods, and mentions some of her new favorites. She mentions the Kinetic Facelift, which coupled with Thermage and Ultherapy, gives the immediate appearance of an actual facelift with minimal downtime and no actual surgery. She also talks about the Emsculpt, which is a similarly non-invasive procedure that tones areas of the body, where one session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups. (Hayden mentions that he’s been banned from any treatments that make him look younger, at which Vicki laughs and says, “We have a 23-year age difference! I want it to look like it’s just five or 10, so he has to try and look older while I try to look younger.”)


“She’s is always at the clinic and she’s very aware of what we do,” Vicki says of Scarlet, who, as early as now, already claims she wants to become a doctor. 

While Vicki familiarizes herself with new methods, Hayden himself is focused more on the business end and product development for Belo Medical Group, which his wife is grateful for. For Vicki, Hayden has a natural aptitude for business and makes connections quite effortlessly, and his experience as a doctor allows him to properly assess the viability of products offered to them by suppliers. This also creates a space where Scarlet would inevitably fit in, which Vicki laughingly adds she failed to “brainwash” her older children Quark Henares and Cristalle Belo-Pitt to doing.

“She’s is always at the clinic and she’s very aware of what we do,” Vicki says of Scarlet, who, as early as now, already claims she wants to become a doctor. “She already has the eye. She shows interest. I see she has the talent for it and I know she has the hands for it; that’s very important. Whether she will actually go that direction, I just pray that she will if it’s meant for her.”


Produced by Marj Ramos

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Contributing Creative Director Vince Uy

Art Directed by Mark Buenaobra

Styled by Danae Dipon

Co-produced by Jamina Nitura

Makeup by Jason Delos Reyes of NARS Cosmetics

Hair by Mark Rosales

Shoot Assistant Teresita Gabat

Special Thanks to Eric Ho of Belo Medical Group


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