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Sassa Jimenez Has a Modern Approach to Wearing Monochrome

Get a glimpse of her never-before-seen archival collection.
Sassa Jimenez Has a Modern Approach to Wearing Monochrome
IMAGE Courtesy of Sassa Jimenez
Get a glimpse of her never-before-seen archival collection.

Local designer Sassa Jimenez has an aesthetic that's synonymous to romance. Think delicate ruffles, frothy tulle, and warm palettes—it's basically a glimpse of her mood board. Through the years, we've seen her brand evolve and develop into something more "restrained, mature, and practical." A testament to this growth is her archival collection called Muse, which she just recently released. Below, we talk to the designer as she narrates how her latest collection came to be.

How would you describe your design aesthetic and philosophy?

"I always want romance [to be] in everything I design."

Do you have a signature design or key element evident throughout your collections?

"I love using warm tones in blush, pink, or orange. I also love bold pieces made with layers upon layers of fabric."


Where do you usually draw inspiration from? How about for this specific collection?

"It usually depends on a mood that I'm trying to convey through a collection. For this particular collection I wanted it to look polished, cool, and fearless."

Can you walk us through your creative process as you designed this archival collection? Why did you decide to release this collection now?

"A few times in the year I really take time to make a a couple of capsule collections just for fun. I think it's a nice exercise in seeing what else I can create in the shop aside from our favorite pieces to make like wedding dresses and formal gowns. I've had this capsule hidden in our archive closet for months. I just waited for the right team to be available so we could finally take photos of everything."

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What makes a Sassa Jimenez muse?

"A Sassa J. muse is someone who is brave about their personal style. She is also someone who makes fashion fun and doesn't take herself too seriously."


Could you describe the lifestyle that fits your design philosophy?

"I think my design philosophy caters to people who love the process of slow fashion, and appreciate the idea behind that garment and not just the garment itself."

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? Why did you choose this?

"It's always hard to choose between pieces in a collection but if I had to choose I would go with the deep red ensemble. I think the proportions of the outfit are very feminine without showing [too much] skin, it's also made in a really beautiful color that I think will flatter everyone."


Where can we buy your pieces?

"Every piece I make is made to order. Everything is available in my shop located in unit 2C, 60 Jupiter Street, Makati. You may call ahead for an appointment."

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