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We Finally Discovered Where to Get Suits Especially Made for Women

We Finally Discovered Where to Get Suits Especially Made for Women
IMAGE Courtesy of Salvo Women
They specialize in made-to-measure suits for the power woman.

The power suit has been a working woman's style staple as of late as we continue to overturn and redefine gender equality. However, as easy as it is for men to readily purchase a suit for themselves, it's unfortunately difficult for women to find a perfect-fitting suit. Take it from this suit-loving petite girl who's too small for any of the limited off-the-rack options that fast fashion brands offer. The hunt for the perfect suit that fits like a glove isn't exactly a cake walk.

Enter SALVO Women A.K.A. the solution to our tailor-made suit woes. This Makati-based brand "specializes in bespoke suits and topcoats," especially for women. Having only catered to men in the past as Salvo Tailors, the team has since expanded their horizons, designing made-to-measure sets that are targeted towards hardworking women who are passionate and driven with a purpose. The brand offers the perfect power suit for strong-willed and goal-oriented women.


Below, Salvo Women talks to Preview about their brand, how you can order your own suit, and more!

Can you tell us about Salvo Women? What's the concept behind the brand's name?

"SALVO Women was derived from the owner's last name Salvosa. SALVO means 'strong and mighty'. The term is used in military and inspired me to create suits that have clean cuts [resembling the] structured and precise look of military uniforms." 

What's the history behind the brand?

"We started as Salvo Tailors, catering suits just for men. I find clean cuts and structured clothes fun and easy to work on. It gives my clients the satisfaction in feeling powerful when they wear my suits. One day, I asked myself, why not give the same confidence and power to women? I think women will equally benefit from that same feeling, allowing them to have that suit that can instantly give them the power that they need when they work on their goals or simply just want to feel more put together."

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Is there a signature design or key element evident through your designs?

"We use Bespoke London Technique, horsehair for canvas, handstitchings, and precise measurements."

Is there a difference between tailoring suits for women as opposed to making ones for men?

"We use similar techniques for men and women’s suits, but with women we play up with the designs, especially with cuts and buttons; unlike with men, we’d rather stick with the classics."

What makes a Salvo Woman? Who do you dream of wearing your clothes?

"We carefully select muses that embody our brand. Our muses are strong-willed, driven with passion, work on their advocacies and appreciate art. I dream of dressing up Kate Middleton and Amanda Hearst."

Could you describe the lifestyle that fits your designs? 

"Their lifestyle would be an integration of passion, expression, wellness, and appreciation of life’s abundance. They give so much of themselves on their work and craft and know how to give as much to themselves by enjoying life."


What's the process like if we want to get our own suits made? Could you give us a price range as well?

"Email for reservation. Please indicate fitting schedule. We’ll email back with a confirmation of fitting appointment. Fitting will be held at the shop: 7838 Makati Ave. Brgy Poblacion, Makati City. We also do visit our clients in their office/home upon special request. Prices very much depend on the kind of fabric that the client chooses."

What can we expect from your brand in the future? 

"We are looking at an international market wherein the Philippines will be known for bespoke tailoring."

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