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RX for Commuters: These Bags Feature Anti-Theft Technology

RX for Commuters: These Bags Feature Anti-Theft Technology Don't be a victim of pickpocketing or 'laglag bala.'

Just a week ago, one of the Preview girls here at the office lost her phone while shopping. When we asked what happened, she shared that her phone was stolen from inside her bag. How the snatcher managed to do it? We have no idea. But the fact is that these days, whether you’re shopping at the mall, strolling at the beach, or traveling to a foreign country packed with tourists, there are up-to-no-good pickpockets scattered around awaiting their next prey. While the best way to prevent your belongings from being taken is by keeping your bag close to your body at all times, don’t you wish that there were some sort of technology created to solve this dilemma? Well, there actually is!

Ever heard of Pacsafe bags? They're engineered to be anti-theft giving you peace of mind no matter where you are. Below, a few features for every kind of theft problem.


1. For commuters

Pacsafe bags are made with eXomesh slashgguards. Basically, a wire mesh is placed under the fabric keeping your belongings safe even after your bag is slashed open.

2. For jetsetters

Tourist spots are always packed with people from all over the world and you’ll never know who will be tempted to grab something from your purse. Pacsafe bags have smart zippers that can be attached to a security hook. Hey, even the 'laglag bala' modus won’t have anything on this tech.

3. When at the airport

These bags are also built with an RFID safe blocking pocket. Bid identity theft adieu.

4. When at the coffee shop or a beach

Alone in a coffee shop and suddenly need to stand to get your coffee? Or lounging on a beach chair and suddenly feel like taking a dip? These bags also come with a security hook allowing you to attach it to a chair or table.

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BONUS: They come in an array of styles!

Just because it’s anti-theft doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Pacsafe bags come in array of designs, sizes, and hues to choose from.

Travel and shop without having to worry about pesky pickpockets, ever again. 

Pacsafe is available at Robinsons Department Stores.

Images via @iamsamoh and pacsunph on Instagram

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