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Russell Brand Sold Unethical Sweatshirts

No comedy here, folks.
Russell Brand Sold Unethical Sweatshirts No comedy here, folks.

British comedian Russell Brand sells sweatshirts on his website designed with the logo of his Youtube show ‘Trews’. The website touted that the products were “Screen printed and produced in the U.K.” and that “"All net profits from the sales... will be donated to various charitable causes. We don't make a penny!"

After an investigation made by the Daily Mail, Brand got some heat when it was discovered that the $96 sweatshirts are actually made in Bangladeshi factories where staff are paid under $1 per hour. The ex-hubby of Katy Perry declares that he was never informed of such an unethical situation. To clean up the dirty laundry, he explains in his blog that they dropped the manufacturer and continue to ‘iron out’ issues with The Daily Mail. 

So the next time you go shopping, just keep in mind that labels can be deceiving.

Main image by Mike Marsland, WireImage

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