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Rosanna Ocampo Shows Us How To Dress For The Holidays

Celebrating her seventh year in the fashion biz, the designer debuts a new collection perfect for the Yuletide season.
Rosanna Ocampo Shows Us How To Dress For The Holidays Celebrating her seventh year in the fashion biz, the designer debuts a new collection perfect for the Yuletide season.

As December draws nearer, party invitations fill up the space in our inboxes waiting for replies as to whether we’ll be attending or not. Out of those 10, you probably will only want to go to five–seven if you’re in the mood. Deciding on which party to attend was never really a challenge for you. The real challenge is picking out the perfect outfit to wear. Here is where designer Rosanna Ocampo steps in.

Celebrating her seventh year in the fashion industry, she whips up a new collection that explores a darker side of the holidays. No, not the Nightmare Before Christmas kind of dark if that’s what you’re thinking. You’ll just have to read on and browse through the gallery to find out.

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People normally think loud and festive when it comes to holiday dressing. What made you decide to go against the norm of jewel tones and glittering material?

Oh, the clothes are still very festive only it’s on a darker side. I wanted to do something different and unexpected as I am celebrating my seventh year in the industry. I also wanted to show the evolution of my designs. They are still in line with my normal aesthetics and as I was inspired by power dressing. I have a lot of pieces now that easily transition from day into night as opposed to my usual flirty party frocks.

More and more platforms are being created to enable emerging talents to showcase their collections. What do you think of this direction that the fashion industry is headed for?

I think it’s wonderful that there are all these opportunities for young talents (which we have a lot of), to showcase and share their works, especially in a fashion fun-loving country like the Philippines. The power of social media is incredible and I hope this really creates more awareness with really just how much talent, good labor, local fabrics, and techniques we have.


Do you have any tips for dressing up during the Holidays? What’s your go-to party look for this season?

My favorite party ready pieces are my Elvira fringe top and ostrich plume series, which were a big hit for the season.

Aside from being a designer, you’re also raising a family, which is a lot! What are some tips for staying energetic (and looking so great) during this time of year?

I am very grateful to be doing something I love so most of the time it really doesn’t feel like work. I think when you’re doing something you are truly passionate about, the fulfillment and happiness from it just follows naturally. I am big on working out and I make it a point to hit the gym several times a week, especially since my days are filled talking to clients. It’s also nice to wind down and clock in some quiet “me” time. I clear my head and usually get my ideas while running. My family always comes first, of course.


Nurturing your relationship with your muses must be of great importance since you yourself have been a muse to others. What kind of gift would you love to give your top girls this Christmas?

My muses are modern women of today who play many roles in society and that entails having busy schedules. I think they would appreciate slipping into a pretty silk robe after a long day—printed of course!

What’s the one gift you wish to receive this Christmas?

A nice relaxing beach holiday with my boys as I am happiest under the sun.

What’s next for Rosanna Ocampo?

I really wanted to mark my seventh year in an industry that has been very good to me so I launched my gold label line last November 5. ORO, which translates to gold in Italian and is short for Ocampo-Rodriguez is my higher-end line, which caters to formal wear. I’ve been getting a lot of demand for this in the last two years so I just decided to create a separate extension of my label. This is what’s been keeping me busy and I’m very excited to share with you all.


Photos by Yayay de Castro