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5 Timeless Romantic Films to Watch for Style Pegs for Your Next Date

If you’re looking for another excuse to do that movie marathon.
5 Timeless Romantic Films to Watch for Style Pegs for Your Next Date If you’re looking for another excuse to do that movie marathon.

If you’re dreading what to wear on Valentine's Day—with a mountain of clothes slowly ascending from the pile on your floor—worry no more. We’re here to help! Below, you'll not only get style inspiration but also lots of romantic feels to last you until your actual date.

The Look: That yellow dress in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

Remember that spin move Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) did in that iconic yellow dress? Even Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) had to pick up his jaw from the floor just being in her presence. All he could say was, “You’re beautiful.” The silky material just hugs Andie’s body in all the right ways and the low-cut back makes for a nice surprise, too. If you’re channeling this look, pull your hair into a low chignon and remember to frost yourself.

The Date: Degustation at your favorite fine dining restaurant


The Look: The white cut-out jumpsuit in Only You

Faith Corvatch’s (Marisa Tomei) obsession with Damon Bradley (Billy Zane) just might equal our obsession with this gorgeous white jumpsuit she wears in the movie to meet her destiny in Positano. Paired with her boy’s cut, simple nude heels, and a clutch, even Peter Wright (Robert Downey Jr.) can’t help himself. That dip!

The Date: A candle-lit dinner on a private yacht

The Look: The green silk dress in Atonement

The image of Cecilia Tallis (Kiera Knightley) sitting on the steps with a cigarette in her hand, smoke billowing from her lips, is almost poetic. Her emerald green silk dress featuring barely-there straps flutters with the night wind. We cannot promise there won’t be drama when you wear something like this, but we can guarantee you’ll make a fashionable entrance.

The Date: Your alma mater’s reunion ball

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The Look: The polka dot dress and matching straw hat in Pretty Woman

Vivian Ward’s (Julia Roberts) look at the polo match truly stands the test of time. The polka dot sundress cinched at the waist with a wide belt plus the matching straw hat make for a charming look that's perfect for any daytime rendezvous. You don’t even need an Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) to stand next to you.

The Date: Afternoon tea at a hotel—by yourself!

The Look: A scarf tied around the neck in Roman Holiday


You may be no Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) but her look in the Roman Holiday can be an outfit you can pull from your wardrobe. A collared top tucked in an A-line skirt, finished off with a scarf around your neck, is the date outfit that says cute but effortless.

The Date: A road trip to Tagaytay (possibly with the top down in your beau’s car)


What movies do you look to for inspiration when you’re dressing up? Got an outfit planned for your Valentine’s Day date already? Sound off below to give your fellow Preview Girls style tips!

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