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Rita Nazareno Tries Her Hand at Couture

The S.C. Vizcarra creative director takes bag weaving to new heights.
Rita Nazareno Tries Her Hand at Couture The S.C. Vizcarra creative director takes bag weaving to new heights.

A former senior producer at Fox 11 in Los Angeles, Emmy-winning Nazareno decided to return home to be the creative director of her family business, S.C. Vizcarra, known for hand-woven luxury handbags and accessories. To further her grandmother Segundina’s vision, she is now focused on ZACARIAS 1925, a brand that pushes a more contemporary thrust into the traditional craft of hand-weaving.

How are you?

All is good! I’m in Paris for Premiere Classe. This will be our 3rd season joining this tradeshow and we are very excited. I will also be going to the South of France where we put up a company for ZACARIAS 1925.

Tell us about the story, materials, and inspiration behind your collaboration with Preview.



The backpack that inspired everything.

The stripes are an offshoot of the Bitzer collection from ZACARIAS 1925 SS16 that we showed in Paris last October. The collection is made of hand-woven wicker with natural leather details. I referenced pop colors as well as various installations and artwork from my travels in Dusseldorf and Paris.

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Rita's woven corset for our Shift Switch feature this month.

I was honored to have been asked by Preview to work on this. It was very quick and organic—we don’t even have sketches! Andre visited the workshop and briefly talked about it and voila! I wish we could’ve done more pieces but, alas, time wasn’t on our side. 

I would still love to work on wicker garments—I would love to work with Rhett Eala and see what we could come up with to push the material further.

How did all your interests (media, architecture, bag design, etc.) converge in this project? What challenges did you encounter?

The coloration has been challenging for us but we enjoyed it. We looked at colors from pop art as well. The chiller - the first piece in the whole collection - is an oversized backpack. It isn’t for everyone but I was absolutely amused by the scale of it. And it could work as a carryall for everything. It’s like a refrigerator on your back. I like bags/objects that make you smile. Looks good as a home piece as well.  But certainly for this piece with Preview, it was a challenge to build a piece of clothing with this material—as well as the fact that I am not a designer of clothes. 


What's the ultimate takeaway from this experience and in what ways do you think have you grown creatively after this? 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it would be a thrill to work on various garments with a proper fashion designer like Rhett. That would be pretty amazing.

More about our collab with local bag designers in our May here

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