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Review: How a Fashion Girl Survived Hiking

Review: How a Fashion Girl Survived Hiking
IMAGE Steph Sison
All thanks to this pair of shoes.

What: Merrell Capra Rapid sneaker


Merrell Capra Rapid shoes, P4995, Glorietta 3

What it is: It's a pair of hiking shoes especially designed for both hydro and terra-hikers. It's made out of breathable synthetic and and mesh upper with a rubber foam and mesh lining for padded comfort. The sole is made out of air cushion that absorbs your weight and adds stability. It's laceless with a cord and lock lacing system for quick secure fit. 


IMAGE Steph Sison

Current condition: I am a relatively active girl. I run when I get the chance and surf whenever I have the luxury of time for a quick getaway from the city. But on most days, I would much rather lounge around in my PJs or occasionally go out for dinners with my friends.

When I got invited for a day-long hike up to Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Batangas, I quickly said yes. I have been cooped up in my tiny cubicle for too long. I think it's been almost a year since I last picked up my surfing board and about a month since I last laced up for a run. Suffice to say, I'd like to think I'm as fit as I used to be, but I admit that I'd be rusty in hiking up a mountain. I feel like I am a complete newbie again in the great outdoors.

How I used it: I wore the shoe with ease. As mentioned above, it uses a cord and lock system so I never bothered for undone shoe laces climbing up and down the mountain. It's snug, which added security for me, yet it still felt so comfortable wearing it. I'm not a particularly clumsy girl, but in hiking, slipping is pretty much normal. Although the shoe prevented unneccessary falling as it provided the right traction I needed in both cemented and soil trails.

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IMAGE Yanna Lopez

Conclusion: Going up the mountain in this pair made me rekindle my love for being outdoors. Where previous hiking shoes failed me in traction, style, and versatility, Merrell's Capra Rapid shoes excelled. I loved how my feet didn't feel sore after the hike nor did it let me slip as I traipsed around stray twigs and loose rocks that could have easily snapped my neck if I were to slip and fall.

In the end, I had learned to rely on my instict as I took each step and the next, and mostly because I have trust in my shoes.

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