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I Tested Out the "Lightest Running Shoe" and Here's What I Think

Spoiler alert: It motivated me to run more.
I Tested Out the "Lightest Running Shoe" and Here's What I Think Spoiler alert: It motivated me to run more.

What: Adidas UltraBoost X (P9300), which is said to be "the lightest running shoe for women"

Current Condition: I'm not a regular runner. I go for a quick jog or do brisk walking when I have time to spare. Prior to slipping into the UltraBoost X, my primary concerns when shopping for a running shoe include fit and weight.


How I Wore it: I took the shoe for a spin one Adidas Runners' night in BGC, where we did a few laps and drills to test out the shoe. I continued to wear the pair to my own jogging sessions the following weeks, and here are my findings:

The shoe I wore came in a blue colorway, which belongs more on the pastel side so the fashion girl in me was delighted to be on trend (other iterations include beige, white, pink, and more). When I slipped into the pair, they were tight around my feet, thanks to the sock-like feature that uses Adidas' Primeknit material. They're supposed to hug your feet for a perfect fit coupled with ample support. The fabric felt light, airy, and breathableit was almost as if I wasn't wearing anything. For women with narrower heels, this also means less slippage. 

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I've worn sock-like shoes before and my concern has always been the high back because I tend to get blisters on my Achilles heel, but I'm glad that this wasn't the case for the Ultra Boost X. To be honest, I didn't even need to "break in" the shoe; it was comfortable right off the bat.


I especially liked the cushion system, which boasts of a pellet-like texture that absorbs the exerted energy and force whenever the foot hits the pavement. The cushioned sole redirects it back to your instep so you won't feel the full impact. This brings a bouncy, springy step, which means you won't feel the ground too much or sacrifice stability. 



This pair is for keeps, to be worn on those days when I want to go for a run or when I need a comfortable shoe for a long, errand day. The Ultra Boost X is so light and easy to wear, offering enough support around the feet without compromising comfort or movement. If you're an occasional city runner like me who's looking for sneakers that are lightweight but provide good support, then this pair is for you.

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