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Religioso: The Black And White 2014 Collection

See the RTW label's latest collection with designs that go from smart to sleek, sexy to sophisticated.
Religioso: The Black And White 2014 Collection See the RTW label's latest collection with designs that go from smart to sleek, sexy to sophisticated.

Inspired by the classic button-down cotton shirts, sisters Choc Religioso-Dayrit and Yvette Religioso-Ilagan, Religioso’s designer tandem, launch their latest collection devoid of loud, vibrant hues. A palate cleanser to the Holiday season’s splendid and bedazzling colors we have grown accustomed to, perhaps? Though limited to black and white, it is far from being a lackluster collection.

Tops for example—though minimalist in design—offer smart detailing to reflect one’s femininity. Abstract prints on skirts and dresses accord visual intrigue. Solid hues and sleek tailoring also provide the perfect canvas for your accessories. “Each piece depicts an air of distinction that gives a classic and modern feel,” share the designers. Click on the photo gallery to view the collection.

Read on as Yvette takes us through the design process of Religioso.


You offer both ready-to-wear and custom-made pieces. How do you create something that's very distinct yet versatile enough to appeal to a bigger market?


We have to think of designs that are wearable and yet different that isn't available in the market yet.  It has to look special for our market to want to wear Religioso. Choc and I should always feel inspired and excited when we create a collection. That's our formula—the excitement and passion should be there. We also provide complete customer care. We offer free alteration, we give suggestions, and we give attention to details.

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You're quite known for feminine accents. When trying out something different and unexpected, how do you make sure that it still appeals to a larger audience? 

We are women and we understand and know the concerns of our looks and bodies. We always want our clients to feel and look good when they wear Religioso.  

What’s your design process like? How do you come up with a collection?

We get inspirations from everywhere. We start designing a collection with a beautiful fabric or color or style or a particular inspiration. Then we discuss it and create a collection on one particular inspiration. Then it multiplies. We make samples after. Many of our designs change from the samples. That is where we finalize our designs.


How do you think modern times have affected the way you design your clothes?

We are actually going back to our grassroots. We have been supporting the local industries by using local fibers from our province, Laguna, and hand-beaded clothes from the T'boli tribes. It is sad to say that we don't have much technology in terms of designing our own fabrics so our local sources have challenged us to design clothes that are wearable and not too costume-looking. The social media, online shopping, and the web in general have made everything accessible and the competition, tough. That is why we have to always offer something wearable and yet different.

What’s your favorite silhouette on a woman?

Wearing an open neckline like a scoop, square or v-neck would look good on almost all body types.  It brings attention to your face and elongates your upper body.  It makes one's body look longer and leaner.


Do you believe in dressing a certain way as you age?


What's next for Religioso?

More interesting designs! 

Religioso is located at Greenbelt 5.