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Recreating K-Drama Looks Is the Emerging Tiktok Trend and We Have Proof

These influencers seem to be making a case for a K-drama outfit challenge.
Recreating K-Drama Looks Is the Emerging Tiktok Trend and We Have Proof
IMAGE JTBC/Itaewon Class, TVN/Crash Landing on You, TIKTOK @patriciaprieto @itscamilleco
These influencers seem to be making a case for a K-drama outfit challenge.

With the K-drama fever as prominent as ever, we knew it wouldn’t be long before that addictive app called TikTok would catch on. Well, that time has finally come, and it appears that style influencers are taking advantage of the video-based social media platform to recreate iconic looks from their favorite K-dramas.


Camille Co wowed us with her hilarious video featuring three outfits inspired by Crash Landing on You’s Yoon Se-ri. Patricia Prieto has also been on a roll—she has done three videos dedicated to three different shows, with at least three outfits each. If you’re a TikToker yourself, you know how hard this is to pull off! Lastly, there’s Verniece Enciso who also has her own CLOY-inspired videos. 

Check out some of their masterpieces below: 

Camille Co 

When blogger Camille Co released her TikTok video dubbing a Korean-accented audio in Yoon Se-ri-inspired outfits, we couldn’t get over how on point the whole thing was! She totally nailed Se-ri’s checkered coat, fluffy cardigan, and black puff-sleeved dress. 



Crash Landing On You ##seri inspired outfits  ##kdrama ##kstyle ##tiktokfashion ##fashion ##style ##fyp ##cloy

♬ Koreanoy - Lyka Barista

Patricia Prieto

If you thought CLOY would be the only show to dominate TikTok, well, you’re wrong. OG K-drama fans like Patricia Prieto are putting the spotlight on good old classics like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and Her Private Life. We guess she’s a Park Min Young fan! She has also done edgier looks, like Kim Da Mi’s casual streetwear outfits from Itaewon Class


Another ##kdrama fashion series featuring Sung Deok-Mi’s looks from ##herprivatelife ☁️ ##fashion ##fyp ##zyxcba ##koreanstyle ##tiktokfashion

♬ ily (i love you baby) - Surf Mesa

Verniece Enciso 

Another influencer who varied her TikTok content with K-drama outfits is Verniece Enciso. Her first take on it featured—can you guess?—a Yoon Se-ri-inspired one. But her latest offering highlights various looks from Hi Bye Mama.


Current obsession: Hi Bye Mama ❤️ who’s watching it too? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ##fyp ##hibyemama ##kdrama ##viral ##pov

♬ original sound  - Vern Verniece Enciso

This trend hasn’t been called a “challenge” yet, but we’re anticipating it to become one pretty soon, so we personally challenge you to try it before it goes viral! If there’s anything you need to learn from the influencers above, it’s that you can use anything and everything in your closetit’s all a matter of mixing and matching. 

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The hashtag #kdrama has over 465.4 million views on TikTok, while #CLOY has 6.5 million views alone. TikTok is a social media application that allows users to create short-form videos using catchy audio and effects. 

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