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Randy Ortiz For Plains & Prints

Shop Plains & Prints' latest capsule collection.
Randy Ortiz For Plains & Prints Shop Plains & Prints' latest capsule collection.

She's glamorous. She's romantic. She's timelessly elegant. She's everything every woman wants to be. She's no less than Randy Ortiz' inspiration for his capsule collection for Plains & Prints.

The collection is inspired by those remarkable women whose keen and impeccable fashion senses are in sync with Randy's sensibilities as a designer. The names of his chosen style icons have been used to name each piece in the collection—Lourdes (Randy's mother), Lucy (Torres), Kris (Aquino), Charlene (Gonzales-Mulach), Claudine (Barretto), Gelli (Rivera), and Tweetie (Gonzales).

“In a nutshell, the collection reflects the woman's passion for glamour, romance, and timeless elegance,” says Randy. The seven-piece collection comprised of a tunic, two dresses, and four tops bear the designer's signature rosette ribboning, ruching, and even a wide obi belt. He made use of striking jewel tones and to make it even more special, Plains & Prints threw in digitally printed fabrics to create a three-dimensional quality to otherwise flat surfaces, a feature considered to be a first in the Philippine retail industry.

“It is a welcome change for me collaborating and contriving designs with such a prominent retail brand. Likewise, I surmounted the challenge of coming up with a cost-efficient collection,” shares the top designer. “It all started with a number of designs trimmed down to a seven-piece-collection,”

The collection is also in time for Plains & Prints 15th anniversary celebration. So if you haven't yet, visit any branch and take advantage of the brand's blowout sale from September 15-17,2009. Just like Randy's muses, the passionate woman is a smart shopper, too!

—Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant

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