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Rajo, Rhett, And Randy Design For Samsung

A big show is coming for the launch of the brand’s skinny new notebook.
Rajo, Rhett, And Randy Design For Samsung A big show is coming for the launch of the brand’s skinny new notebook.

Samsung has come up with a bit of a coup with their new Series 9 Notebook. This one gadget has set the record for three world standards to date. With the tagline “PC just got sexy,” it boasts of being the thinnest at only 16.3mm (0.64inches) in depth with a screen size of 13 inches and the lightest, weighing 1.31kg. It’s also the “Brightest” thanks to the brand’s LED technology, a 'SuperBright Plus' display (400nit) with 16 million color reproduction 80% brighter than other notebooks.

While it’s thin and light, the processor still packs a punch: fashion bloggers and photographers will be pleased to know that the 250GB RAM can run all your photo and video editors with ease. It comes with the latest core I-5 processor and a solid state hard drive (no delicate moving parts), which consumes less battery power. It’s 4GB hard disk space can be expanded via USB and you can connect to external devices with Bluetooth. All this is encased in duralumin metal alloy, which is used in specialized aircrafts, for durability and style.


And since they’ve become accustomed to launching their sleek and stylish tech products on a fashion note they’ve commissioned three top designers to create special collections for the launch on March 22.

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Randy Ortiz will be designing the THINNEST collection with Hollywood’s red carpet in mind. Think glamorous silhouettes and super svelte figures. "Every time I choose a gadget, the first thing that attracts me is the aesthetics. The Samsung Series 9 Notebook is very fashionable and stylish. So, I was inspired to do the THINNEST collection which consists of stunning silhouettes and beautiful flow of garments."

Rhett Eala, on the other hand, decided to take his cue from the multi-awarded thriller, “The Black Swan” for the LIGHTEST collection. Chiffon, tulle, and lace are his fabrics of choice to make the light-weight pieces and while he won’t be using feathers per se, he said he’ll be using special techniques to simulate the plumes. “My collection will make you feel good, beautiful and sexy, the same experience as using the Samsung Series 9 gives."


With his new mantra being “Fitness is Fashion!” Rajo Laurel chose to do luxe sportswear for the BRIGHTEST collection. "The emotion that I want to evoke is FUN. I want this collection to be happy, vibrant, and energetic. We're about to hit summer so I want to be able to capture that excitement." Expect to see vibrant shades of neon walk down the runway when his collection is announced.

The Samsung series 9 will be formally unveiled on March 22 and it will retail for P79,990. Watch this space for our complete coverage of the launch and photos of the designer collections!

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