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Rainy Daze

Equip yourself for the coming downpour with these stylish picks.
Rainy Daze Equip yourself for the coming downpour with these stylish picks.
Caught in the Rain?
It's a mystery as to why Filipino women so thoroughly ignore the virtues of rain gear. In a country where July means muddy puddles and horizontal rain, an umbrella is simply not enough to keep someone dry. Plus, taking into account the increasing gas prices, going out and about may require using less than dry public transportation. Women seem to have fallen victim to the rain and resigned themselves to wearing clothes and shoes they don't mind ruining. Still, does anyone actually enjoy the feeling of wet toes?

With the addition of a couple key rainproof additions to your wardrobe, you needn't worry about the getting caught in the rain. Torrential downpour? Please. You'll be repelling rain in style.

Boot Up
Rubber rain boots are the best option for rainy days– nothing can keep your feet dryer. While the humble Wellie has never been considered a fashion essential in the past (look at any department store for reasons why), it's possible that Plueys will be able to change your mind! Named after the French word for "rain," Plueys are made from soft and durable rubber and have sturdy soles that will keep your feet dry and keep you from slipping. You can take your pick from a number of colorful prints and patterns that will add a bit of color to your rainy world.

For the sophisticate, there's the black and white polka dot Lotsa Dots with blue trim. Pair it with a pair of oversized sunglasses and dark jeans to complete the look. If you're tiring of the rain and more in need of a little something to brighten your day, go for the hot pink Origami Me, covered in pops of yellow in the form of paper cranes and little pinwheels.

Don't think color and patterns make the boots, though. There are other options, too. Remember the sensation Kate Moss created when she appeared at the Glastonbury Festival last year? With nothing but a pair of denim hot pants, she effortlessly turned those big, black boots into the festival's must have.

Under my Umbrella

There was a time when umbrellas were a must have fashion accessory. Over the years, that status has faded. In the rainy season, when an umbrella is no longer a must-have accessory but simply a must-have, an interesting umbrella can be the perfect way to add a bit of whimsy and cheer to your rainy day outfit. Paul Smith carries a selection of umbrellas in rainbow amoeba prints with chestnut wood handles.

In the Trenches

Rainy season or not, everyone woman should have a trench coat in her closet. The universally flattering basic will be able to take you from rain to shine and London to Casablanca. Make sure your trench coat is made out of medium weight gabardine wool or a similarly waterproof material; otherwise, it won't do much in the rain. Look for trenches with updated details like cool belts, cropped sleeves, and hoods. Don't commit to old school khaki, either. Try mustard yellow for an unsuspecting neutral or look for a complex print.

Trenches can go with pretty much anything. Often times, they may be the piece that just pulls your whole outfit together. Go along with this season's androgynous trend and opt for a masculine mix of loose-fitting trousers, heeled oxfords, and a tailored vest. If you're feeling a bit brave, let your coat do double duty and don it as a dress. The possibilities are endless, even if you decide to just throw a colorful belt around your waist.

—Gerry Dy, Intern
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