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QUIZ: Is Your Style American or French?

Take our quiz to find out.
QUIZ: Is Your Style American or French? Take our quiz to find out.

A beautiful and versatile art form, fashion is an extension of oneself. It is a visual manifestation of how you want to be perceived. Its possibilities are endless, and it is an exquisite medium to express one’s individuality. You are what you wear, as we fashion girls would say. Though a form of self-expression, it is also highly influenced by culture, society, and trends. One of the biggest and undeniable contrasts in fashion is between the French and American women.

Want to know which style yours is more similar to? Take our quiz below:

1. There’s a big end-of-season sale! What do you do?

a. Run to the nearest mall. I have to grab all the drool-worthy items with red tags.

b. I don’t believe in rushing my fashion decisions. I can’t be persuaded by a sale!

2. Which purse would you more likely purchase?

a. Céline Luggage Tote


b. An envelope clutch in black leather

3. New trends for fall season have been seen on the runway. What do you do?

a. Purchase the items and try them out, of course! I’m adventurous when it comes to fashion.

b. I prefer sticking to my individual style that adheres to every season.

4. You just got out of the gym. Do you keep your sneakers on?

a. Yes, athleisure is a big trend now and I love it!

b. Nope. I'm changing into flats, stat! They are my footwear of choice.

5. What would be your dream closet?

a. More colors, please!

b. Everything in neutral palette.

6. Which of these would be your staple accessory?

a. Bold accessories

b. Minimal pieces

7. Where do you purchase your best fashion finds?

a. The most popular retail shops have the best finds. Sometimes, online stores, too.

b. Either vintage shops or my mom’s closet.


8. Which of these shoes would be your go-to pair?

a. Sneakers and a statement pair of heels.

b. Ballet flats or brogues.

9. What is your fashion motto?

a. It’s better to be overdressed than to be underdressed.

b. Less is more.


If you answered mostly As...

You have an American girl’s sense of style!

Adventurous and carefree, you have the ability of staying up to the date with the latest trends. Your clothes appear from the runway straight to your closet. You are not afraid to experiment with fashion. Glamming up is your expertise, and we envy your sartorial sensibilities.

If you answered mostly Bs...

You have a French girl’s sense of style!

You are what we call très chic. Your ballet flats belong to the cobbled streets of Paris. You have a comfortable and laid-back style, and you are not easily persuaded by trends. You are a master of mixing high and low fashion. No matter the occasion, you exude calmness and elegance with the way you dress. Minimalism is your way of life. 


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