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5 Easy Ways to Go From Office to Night Out in a Minute

Go from boardroom to bar in just one minute.
5 Easy Ways to Go From Office to Night Out in a Minute

Sometimes, getting some drinks after a busy workday is all you need to de-stress and prepare yourself for your upcoming meetings and deadlines. One problem though: How can you turn your office look into a night out-ready OOTD? Below, tricks you can employ to make that switch in less than a minute.

1. Bring a moto jacket.

At the end of a busy workday, switch out your corporate blazer for a moto jacket. It pretty much goes with everything-from button-downs to shift dresses-and it helps give classic office pieces some edge.

Complete the look with straight, volumized hair. To quickly freshen up your locks and add a bit of body, massage baby powder into the roots of your hair. It'll help soak up excess oil and give you volume for an extra tough look.

2. Switch up your shoes.

Wearing flats to work? Switch to an evening-appropriate pair before clocking out to add power and elegance to your favorite office ensemble. Towering heels are a fail-safe option, but if you're looking to stay comfy, opt for colorful sandals with low block heels to keep things chic and dressy.

Make sure your hair stays straight even on humid days by spritzing on a medium-hold hairspray before you head out for the night. Your hair will look sleek and stay manageable.

3. Go for a statement bag.

Leave your bulky carryall at work and fit your essentials into a smaller bag. For something that makes a statement, try on a mini backpack, a woven crossbody bag, or a bright bucket bag to give your outfit some personality.

Make sure your hair is as cute as your purse by spraying your roots with sea salt spray to give it a little volume and texture before you head out.

4. Wear something that shines.

If you're sporting your usual blazer and pencil skirt combo, switch out your top for something more vibrant. Pick something that sparkles (like silk, glitter, patent, or sequins) for a more nightlife vibe.

Since the outfit makes already makes a statement, make sure your hair looks a little more laid-back. Keep it in braids at the office, and when you're ready to head out, just undo them to get effortless waves.

5. Accessorize.

When in doubt, put on accessories for an instant outfit upgrade. Instead of going for dangling earrings or bangles, think outside the box and go for a trendy hair accessory. Clip on a statement headpiece or drape a dainty necklace around your crown, and you're good to go.

Small touches can make a huge impact when it comes to changing up your outfit, so that means you can transform your look in a matter of seconds. The same can be said for your hair when you try Dove's 1 Minute Serum Conditioner, which makes use of serum capsules that are meant to transform your hair from dull and dry to smooth and silky in just one minute.

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