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Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Palawan.
JANINE GUTIERREZ'S FIRST PREVIEW COVER Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Palawan.

Why are you blooming? “It’s my favorite time of the year” 

There’ s no one better to shoot in paradise than a girl who loves the beach. We travelled all the way to picturesque Palawan to catch Janine Gutierrez work it in her element. Gracing the cover of Preview for the first time ever, the showbiz royalty exuded nothing but freshness as we sailed through the ocean and trekked the sandy shores, all while following the swift east to west movement of the sun. With a seriously strong eyebrow game, gams for days, and a face that knows no angles, fashion's new darling leveled with the beauty of the sun, sand, and sea. See how she breezed her way through her debut with Preview. 

Lost at sea

Don de Jesus and Mark Familara prepping Janine for her Preview debut. 

This girl could model if she wanted to. Oh, wait. She just did for Vania Romoff!

Trust us when we say that her beauty is au naturel. 

It can't  get any cooler nor classier than cat eye sunnies and nautical stripes.

BJ Pascual in action with MJ Benitez who did the cover styling - her first time for Preview.

Once the boat was docked, it was time to get down and dirty. 

Janine did not turn down the chance to be one with the beach. 

The camera obviously loved her. 

Soaking up the sun. Here's Janine in her element. 

Mark Familara making sure there were no stray strands on our cover girl's low pony. 

Fashion has found a new ingenue in Janine. 

Shot in an island literally called Paradise, it was impossible for us not to stop and take in the view. 

This Michael Kors frock was Janine's favorite look. 

See more of Janine by grabbing a copy of Preview's May 2015 issue


Photos by Jean Saturnino

Watch her gush about her favorite time of the year in the BTS video here.