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Vice Ganda on Buying Designer Items: "I Want to Be Stylish but I Don't Want to Be Poor"

Umabot ako sa point na ang lala ko mag-shopping,” Vice Ganda tells us candidly. But contrary to what you might assume, he’s actually a wise and prudent spender. He admits to never have “lived beyond his means”—which some might find surprising, considering his penchant for designer shoes and clothes as seen on his Instagram.

In a Summit Sandwich Session interview ahead of his Gandemic online concert this June 17, we asked Vice how his luxury spending habits have changed during the pandemic. He admits, he never really did stop but rather “slowed down” on buying (as he put it) his “simple joys.” Below, he talks more about his love for designer items and why no one should aspire to be fashionable but broke.

WATCH: Vice Ganda explains why he slowed down when it comes to buying designer items

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