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These Preview Editors Got to Be Alden and Maine for a Day!

Meet Alding and Yanna Dub!
These Preview Editors Got to Be Alden and Maine for a Day! Meet Alding and Yanna Dub!

We’ve been getting a lot of tweets, comments, and direct messages saying how well we photoshopped Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together for our #ALDUBYouPreview November 2015 issue. Trust us, it was no easy task, and if it wasn't planned well, it would have been impossible to pull-off.

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To edit them both seamlessly together on the cover, the first thing we had to do was to find body doubles. Luckily, two members of the team were up for the challenge and were coincidentally almost the same height and physique as our cover stars. Meet Preview’s Associate Art Director Eugene David a.k.a. “Alding” and Editorial Assistant Yanna Lopez a.k.a. “Yanna Dub”!


How was Maine/Alden like?

Eugene (on Maine): She's really nice. She's the type of girl with witty humor and kalog personality. She was shy at first, pero nung chinika ko siya, chumika din naman siya back. I remember her asking me in a low voice while we were posing in front of the camera, "Sino yung stand-in ko kay Alden kanina?" I answered, "Si Yanna Dub, 'yung editorial assistant namin sa Preview." Then she said, "Buti hindi siya kinilig?" I replied, "Sorry, professionals kami." Sabay tawa lahat ng nasa room, kasi naririnig pala nila kaming nagbubulungan! (Laughs)

Yanna (on Alden): Alden was beyond charming (despite my crippling awkwardness). As we were shooting the layout where we had to hold hands, I quipped, "Usually I'm behind the scenes. So nervous right now!" To that he remarked, "Nervous? Your hands aren't cold at all nga eh. Parang sanay na sanay!" He also kept asking me if I was still okay. The guy's a real gentleman.

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How was the shoot in general?

Eugene: It was fun! The challenge of shooting them separately and putting them together in the pictures added to the excitement.

Yanna: Equal parts fun and embarrassing. I wanted to talk and laugh but I was shy and tongue-tied for most of it. (Laughs)


What was the best part about being Alden/Yaya Dub?

Eugene: The best thing about being "Alding" (Alden's stand-in) is that I got to meet Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub, and pose with her in front of the camera while wearing Gucci's Cruise 2016 collection! Also, I didn't have to ask for a selfie because we already have A LOT of pictures together taken by one of the best photographers I know, Paolo Pineda.


Yanna: I'm torn between: A) the flown-in Gucci; B) the fact that I can say that I was all over the news at least once in my life; C) and having a photoshoot with Alden. (Laughs)

Worst part?

Eugene: The late nights of photo editing. As Alding, I didn't just have to stand-in during the shoot. I also had to art direct and made sure all the photos are done right and on time, since we had to release the magazine earlier than usual.


Yanna: The hate comments! They're mostly amusing, but some are downright spiteful. I'd like to think the fans mean well, though!

Most memorable experience from the shoot?

Eugene: Kwento ko na lang!

Me: "Hi Maine! Ako si Eugene of Preview."

Maine: "Hello po."

She looked shy, so I tried to break the ice.


Me: "Ako din pala 'yung stand-in ni Alden for the shoot. Tawagin mo na lang akong... Uhmmmm... Alding!"

Maine: "Okay! (Laughs) Okay, Alding!"

A week after the shoot, I found myself in the holding area of Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye. I saw Maine being prepped up. I wanted to say hi, but was too hesitant to call her attention. Unsure if she remembers me, I called her.

Me: "Maine! Maine!" *Sabay pabebe wave*

At this point, the bodyguard gave me a gesture to back off. Kinabahan ako. As in! And then, buti na lang Maine suddenly looked at me! I did the pabebe wave again and...

(This is the BEST part)

Maine: "Alding!!!"

Hahaha! She remembered me by my monicker! Funny girl talaga! LOOOVE HER!


Yanna: The selfie.

If you can't find a copy of our #ALDUBYouPreview issue on newsstands, download it here

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