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Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Gian Romano

Learn style tricks from this designer.
Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Gian Romano
IMAGE Charisma Lico
Learn style tricks from this designer.

Gian Romano is not one to shy away from anything urban-inspired. His work as a designer reflects the concrete jungle in its most stylish way. And this vantage point extends to his personal style. His penchant for leather, black, and anything that's crisp and tailored reflects his collections and wardrobe. But despite the risk of having a closet full of almost identical dark pieces, Gian's personal style still shines. What he lacks in hues, he makes up for his impeccable attention to detail. His generous ardor for the minute details gathered into a laidback finish lands him a spot in this year's Preview's Best Dressed Men. Learn his sartorial ways below!

IMAGE Charisma Lico

Sacai jacket, pants by Gian himself, and Ann Demeulemeester shoes

How do you ensure you look unique/different from everyone else?

"I don’t look at the way other people dress and reflect myself into it. It’s mostly what I feel comfortable in and what best represents me as of the moment. It’s probably more of personal taste and not referencing anything."

How do you stay stylish without becoming a slave to what's trendy?

"I don’t look at trends. I don’t bother with it. I don’t even look at fashion shows. I mostly keep myself updated with history now. You know how people predict what will be trendy next season? I used to do that when I was younger, but I guess now, it comes with age that it’s more personal or according to my gut feel. I’m a totally visual person, so if it looks good on me I’d go for it, but if it doesn’t I won’t force myself to wear it."

IMAGE Charisma Lico

Pants and top by Gian himself

What outfit best describes your personal style?


"Basic white or a black t-shirt with a comfortable pair of jeans or trousers. I hate using the word laid-back but I think it all boils down to that. It doesn’t have a to be a crisp white t-shirt—it could be my pambahay. Something that’s really comfortable, worn out could be even better, since character comes out when something’s been already worn, used or loved already."

IMAGE Charisma Lico

Balenciaga blazer, pants by himself, and Rick Owens sneakers

What's one clothing/styling hack you always rely on?

"When in doubt, wear black."

IMAGE Charisma Lico

Jacket and pants by Gian himself

How do you approach dressing up for events versus dressing for down time?

"I guess I put on a better pair of shoes when I’m going out. For special events, a shirt with a collar. The line is very thin between the two for me, which is probably why you guys thought I was worthy of being on this list. It’s always about the details. If you look at my wardrobe, it’s all the same. It’s the little details I put in the clothes that I design and make. It’s always based on a classic style and making it more modern through fit and detail, taking inspiration from a little something from history."

Accessories can make or break the man. Any advice on how to use this to your advantage?

"Less is more."

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Grooming by Sylvina Lopez

Hair by Suyen Salazar

Art Direction by Mark Buenaobra

Sittings editors: Marj Ramos and Nicole Arcano