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Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: David Guison

Find out how the blogger stood the test of social media's time.
Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: David Guison
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Find out how the blogger stood the test of social media's time.

David Guison was a fashion blogger before Instagram made outfit stalking convenient. He was still a college student when he started his blog DG Manila, and was active on Lookbook long before some of us even had the courage to post our own OOTDs. So, you could say he had a head start over a lot of the male bloggers on our feeds today. Except, a head start doesn't really matter if you run slowly in the middle of the race. And David is still here, isn't he? He has kept his pace since 2009, building speed as he goes. His ensembles manage to keep an element of surprise despite their ease, and it's this formula of his that we can't help admiring.

IMAGE Jeanne Young for

Forever 21 leather jacket and shirt; Topman pants; Hawkins shoes; Daniel Wellington watch

How do you ensure you look unique or different from everyone else?

"Even though I try to make [my outfits] very relevant and relatable for my readers, I make sure that it's simple but has a little bit of edge. Like, [I'd use a] simple piece but there would be something unique about it from the details. I kind of have a trademark [look], too—I always have my tote bag. And I think if they've been following my Instagram and my blog, they would know that it's a David Guison trademark."

How do you stay stylish without becoming a slave to what's trendy?

"I know this is very cliché but I really don't follow trends, because I've done it in the past [even if i know it doesn't work for my] body type or for my height. My mindset now is to just stick to classics, especially now that I document everything, so when I look back at my photos, I won't go, 'Ang baduy ko pala dati.' I keep it very basic, classic and timeless."

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H&M turtleneck; Wrangler denim jacket; Uniqlo jeans; Hawkins shoes

What outfit best describes your personal style?

"It [changes] because I think I'm at that point in my life where I'm struggling to choose between street style and more formal looks. I'm in my mid-20s, so it's the time for me to experiment but at the same time I need to take note that I also have to adult [laughs]."

What's one piece of clothing or styling hack you always rely on?


"Wearing a monochromatic outfit. For example, I would wear a pair of navy trousers with a navy top. It looks very cohesive in photos and will instantly make you longer."

IMAGE Jeanne Young for

The Man on the Street striped co-ords; Adidas shoes; MRKT bag

How do you approach dressing up for events versus dressing for down time?

"In the industry, your outfit can be the ice breaker during events so you need to step up your game. But at the same time we sometimes have to attend three to five in a day, so I try to make [my outfits] versatile. I make sure that my looks can go from day to night."

IMAGE Jeanne Young for

Topman button-down, jacket and pants; Saucony shoes

Accessories can make or break the man. Any advice on how to use this to your advantage?

"I never leave the house without a watch. One time, when I took an Uber, I realized 10 minutes into the ride that I wasn't wearing one. So I told my driver, 'Kuya, balik tayo [laughs].' I feel really naked without a watch. Even if it's just a simple watch, it just finishes off a look for me."

Photographed by Jeanne Young

Grooming by Omar Ermita

Art Direction by Mark Buenaobra

Sittings editors: Yanna Lopez, Steph Sison and Maura Rodriguez

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