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The Best Dressed List 2022: Meet Preview's Most Stylish Personalities This Year

by The Editors | Dec 21, 2022
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Preview's Best Dressed List of 2022 is comprised of 10 unique individuals who are radically transforming the ways we look at and consume fashion.

2022 marks a special year for Preview. As we usher in a new era in fashion, we're also transforming the ways we look at it.

Offering fresh perspectives on dressing up and radically steering us onward, 10 of the country's most stylish personalities are at the front and center. Liberated from the fetters of fads, these individuals—each of them embracing their uniquely own sartorial prowess—are proof that fashion is ultimately a demonstration of one's vision and veracity. And it is in their unsullied stance and creative expression that they shine the best, becoming the country's fearless leaders and beacons of style.

Ahead, meet Preview's Best Dressed List for 2022.

Preview's Best Dressed List 2022

Marian Rivera

Headlining this year's prestigious Best Dressed List is none other than Preview's December cover girl Marian Rivera. 2022 saw her unleash her style savvy, serving one pristine OOTD after the other. Whether it's for a casual event or for a formal occasion, whether she's donning the latest from international maisons or from proudly Filipino ateliers, she always makes a statement of grace and elegance in her outfit of choice. GMA's Primetime Queen likes to spice up her classic ensembles with a sprinkling of playfulness and fun. Simply put, there is never a dull fashion moment with her around! 


If you could raid anyone else’s closet, whose closet would it be? Why?

"Maybe Kate Middleton, I like her understated elegance. From her evening wear to casual clothes, she exudes sophistication."

Kylie Verzosa

In the past year, we've seen Kylie Verzosa boldly experiment with her sartorial choices as a true-blue fashion girl. The former beauty queen, who's now a certified best actress awardee, doesn't overthink when it comes to her OOTDs. She drops all inhibitions when dressing up, choosing to wear what she wants and what feels authentic to her personal style. Be it a sultry bikini OOTD, a slinky Barbiecore dress, or a Y2K-inspired look (that even Paris Hilton gave her stamp of approval to!), Kylie makes putting together an outfit look like a walk in the park. 

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If you could raid anyone else’s closet, whose closet would it be? Why?

"Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner—love their style!"

Cath Sobrevega 

Being one of the country's renowned celebrity stylists was not an overnight success. Rather, it was earned through a number of consistently well-thought-out looks and an exercise of trust between the stylist and her clients. For Cath Sobrevega, it is her personal sartorial flair that gives credence to her prowess and expertise in the craft. The biggest names in local show business are drawn to her "modest yet polished, cool yet genderless, and sexy yet effortless" style that they, too, want to imbibe. Cath's fashion mastery transcends her ability to strike a balance between minimalism and whimsy, as seen in her own outfits that always come with a timeless vibe.


If you could raid anyone else’s closet, whose closet would it be? Why?

"I’d probably be raiding the closet of these Italian ladies, the Attico founders: Giorgio Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio. I love how the two have very distinctive aesthetics, which make Attico what it is now—Gilda favours bold and eclectic fashions, while Gilda has a more minimalist and classic look."

Kyline Alcantara

Kyline Alcantara initially being dubbed as GMA-7's "La Nueva Kontrabida" was a testament to her acting prowess. While years working in the industry has made her very mature for her age, the 20-year-old is nothing but sweet and bubbly in real life. She cites that what she wears depends on her mood, so it's no surprise that she leans towards comfy 'fits, whether in neutrals or with pops of color, when dressing up. She breathes zest into clothes and elevates threads with her charisma and wide-eyed energy. On-lookers are always left wanting to see what she serves up next!

Who do you think is your style twin?

"My bestfriend, Hanna Rioteta. ‘Cause we like to dress up together and shop together. And, of course, my other twin, Zendaya. Just kidding! I wish I can be effortless and flawless in wearing boyish and girly outfits. Definitely my style inspo."


Angelique Manto

Angelique Manto is proof that sexy and refined can prevail in the same style agenda. She enjoys "playing along the lines of masculinity and femininity—suiting up in strong, structured ensembles while breaking it with slinky hubadera pieces." Her outfits are a masterclass on knowing what you like and piecing these preferences together to create something that is unique and distinctly yours. In unapologetically expressing herself, she breaks out of boxes, eclipses convention, and ultimately cements her maven status.

Who do you think is your style twin?

"I highly resonate with Hanna Schonberg's style and how she breaks apart and rebuilds classic looks—I'd say she's my style twin."

Tim Yap

Tim Yap is a man of many things, but making a quiet entrance isn't one of them. The eventologist, entrepreneur, and host draws everyone in the moment he enters a room without having to utter a word—his mere presence is reverberating enough. Describing his approach to dressing as "everything, everywhere all at once," his wardrobe boasts of eye-catching pieces that reflect his fun yet sophisticated nature. Wanting to raid Elton John's closet for his "eclectic, electric style" is a fitting choice as he shares the same penchant for flair. But don't be fooled—Tim's style is all his own.


If you could raid anyone else’s closet, whose closet would it be? Why?

"Elton John. I love his eclectic, electric style. From showstoppers to show pieces, I'm sure his closet is historical and hysterical! Jared Leto, too. I wanna see what designers made for him through the years. Locally, Hayden Kho. I wanna see the runway pieces he's collected through the years."

Hayden Kho Jr.

When a fellow Best Dressed honoree cites your closet as the one he'd want to raid for runway looks, you know that your wardrobe is truly topnotch. Through the years, Hayden Kho Jr. has thoughtfully curated his collection with timeless designs from the industry's best creative minds. He knows his designers—and not just the houses they work in, mind you. This appreciation for fashion allows him to choose looks that resonate with his personal style and fuels his eye for spotting pieces tailored to perfection. The result is a formidable arsenal that equips him in building debonair outfits, every single time. 

Describe your style in one sentence and how it's uniquely you.

"I base what I wear on how I feel I want to be remembered on a particular occasion."


Marga Nograles

Marga Nograles makes it her personal mission to modernize Filipiniana and carry our culture wherever she goes. After all, as the new COO of the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board, her job takes her everywhere—giving her the best opportunity to show off local fashion. Whether she's wearing proudly Pinoy weaves or an elegant terno, Marga's style flaunts and expresses her purpose without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Who do you think is your style twin?

"My style twin I guess would be my good friend Congresswoman Stella Quimbo. I love her Filipinana workwear wardrobe, and for some reason, we always buy the same things, choose the same colors and have the same fashion purpose, which is to always be comfortable! If we are not in ternos or suits, we are forever in sneakers."

Sarah Yu

We met Sarah Yu at the height of the pandemic through her flower business, Pretty Withered. But behind her entrepreneurial spirit, we found a stylish woman powered by an undercurrent of sophistication and confidence. Sarah lands a spot in this year's Best Dressed List for being her true, unadulterated self. She lives her best days dressed in boots and suits, cutout dresses, coordinates, and designer arm candies, all of which sum up her fashion ideals: When you feel good, you'll look good.


If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose closet would it be? Why?

"Jamie Chua. I would love to see her entire Hermès collection!"

Patricia Santos

Women turn to Patricia Santos to make them feel special on milestones and big days. The designer is known for romantic feminine pieces that are both chic and dreamy—much like her own personal aesthetic. Her everyday looks are polished and elegant, and yes, there is a certain princess-like quality to her that is less callow and more regal. She stands as a reminder that any day can be exceptional, so don that outfit, wear that jewelry, and put on your best shoes! Let Patricia inspire you to dress like your life's main character.

Produced by Jeymi Reyes, Reg Rodriguez, and Steph Sison-Cruz

Assisted by Em Enriquez and Katrina Maisie Cabral

Creative Direction by Bacs Arcebal and Pau Moyano

Photographed by Joseph Bermudez

Hair Styling by George Aliben for Tim Yap and Cath Sobrevega

Makeup by Patrick Alcober for Tim Yap and Cath Sobrevega

Set Furniture by IPW Furniture & Fixtures

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