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Get To Know Preview's 10 Best Dressed of 2019

These are Manila's most fashionable men and women.

by Steph Sison | Sep 24, 2019

Our Best Dressed men and women prove that fashion is best done with a hint of sartorial knowledge and a whole lot of originality.

Fashion is best exemplified, not just through a healthy flexing of trend knowledge, but of one's ability to inject his or her individuality in every outfit. As the members of this year's batch of Preview's Best Dressed List would have it, your sartorial swings are even more appreciated if you demonstrate it with authenticity. Our 10 Best Dressed men and women all have a great grasp of what's en vogue without losing their unique sense of style. They have found the style sensibilities that keep them relevant in the fashion scene while staying true to their identities. It's this spirit that we've found to be inspiring, and is what ultimately makes us fall in love with fashion again and again. Below, we present our Best Dressed List for 2019.


Preview's Best Dressed List 2019

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo is a style maven who has grown up right before our eyes. From her early beginnings as a child star to her ascension to an award-winning and record-breaking actress, we've also taken note of her feats in the fashion realm. The Kathryn we now know is sure of her personal style, where she found an enjoyable easement into sharp suits, elegant gowns, and laidback casual wear. She makes dressing up practical, fun, and most of all, like second nature.

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Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla may be known as the other half of the iconic KathNiel love team but when it comes to style, the actor is undoubtedly 100% Daniel. He's not one to follow rules and it is in his fashion rebellion that draws us into him even more. Daniel, like Kathryn, has found his aesthetic in comfort uncompromised by style. He mixes his well-tailored suits with almost subversive accessories like belted chains and sunnies worn indoors. But, hey, he's Daniel Padilla, and if anyone is allowed to be the local fashion scene's most stylish dissenter, it would be him.


Maggie Wilson-Consunji

With her picture-perfect vacations, enviable OOTD snaps, and flawless beauty 'grams, Maggie Wilson-Consunji could easily be Instagram's ultimate bae. But above her social media prowess, we're also in love with Maggie's sense of style. The multi-hyphenate is highly adept in flaunting her best assets and a master in selling the luxurious and most fashionable life. In sum, Maggie's style is glam meets the beach, a whole new category she created just for herself.


Andre Chang

Andre Chang breathes in art and exhales fashion. There's a sense of theatrical production that goes behind his every look. All his outfits seem to have a narrative pushed by a strong visual that, while it might take a village to put together, he executes on his own. And it is in this maximalist's code of life that Andre thrives. It's either you go all out or you don't at all. The safe in-between is nothing but gray, uninteresting space for his larger-than-life view of fashion. And to be honest, Andre's sartorial outlook is a lens we'd all want to borrow once in a while.


Florian Trinidad

We've caught the whispers from the street. The word's out that they've got a new queen and her name is Flo. This young stylist packs on grit and swag in her streetwear 'fits that no one else can simply replicate. But more than her skill in putting clothes together, Flo boasts of her easy nonchalance coupled with self credence that truly makes her stand out.


Unique Salonga

Unique Salonga credits music and fashion as his savoir-faire. He communicates and conducts himself in ways beyond what the spoken word can ever hope to do. For him, style and melody converge in telling his story, and the output is just as intriguing as his reserved, pensive disposition. The musician is known to favor eccentric elements in his vintage-inspired wardrobe, perhaps a shared view of fashion as Gucci's Alessandro Michele has.


Macky Fäh

The word chic becomes Macky's incarnate as the jewelry designer and entrepreneur carries herself with much grace and understated elegance. Having lived in various points of the world, the globe-trotter brings in a hodgepodge of sartorial perspectives that is rooted in culture and nature, but it's how she patronizes local artisans and puts their work in the spotlight that have us smitten.


Koji Arboleda

Koji's personal style is hinged on the Japanese's crisp and minimalist aesthetic. He prefers pieces that are versatile enough for him to take from day to night, a must in his style arsenal for on-the-go gents like him. The photographer looks at dressing up as an extension of his craft. Being a photographer, his references strongly resonate with his fashion sense: clean, experimental, and lighthearted.


Marbbie Tagabucba

We're instantly Marbbie's fans whenever we see her arrive and hold the room's attention as she brings both fresh and sultry vibes with every sure stride that she makes. Her exact confidence lends her the ability to wear even the scantiest pieces with class and taste, an infectious feeling that will bring out the hubadera in you!


Jan Edrosolan

Fun and free-spirited, hairstylist Jan Edrosolan has a knack for making oversized dressing a lot more interesting. Being a fashion insider himself, Jan takes a front-row seat in all things style-related. It's a privilege that he takes to heart and uses to transform himself into one of the most fashionable gents in today's scene. He lives with a never-say-never attitude, a valuable trait that helps even the most stylish to evolve into better versions of themselves.



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