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The 12 Best Posing Tips We Learned from Influencers

Know how they come up with their signature poses so you can find yours.
The 12 Best Posing Tips We Learned from Influencers

In the age of Instagram, everybody seems to know how to pose in front of the camera. But if you haven’t found your most flattering angle or nailed your signature pose, take notes from VJ and blogger Aryanna Epperson, creative director Martine Cajucom-Ho, model Yanna Cowper, radio personality Jaz Reyes, and host Mond Gutierrez. At the launch of Signature Plans, the reimagined postpaid experience from Smart, these keen and discerning tastemakers revealed their best practices to us, as they worked with fashion photographers Andrea Beldua, Dookie Ducay, and Shaira Luna in their respective pop-up studios at the event.

1. Prioritize directions from the photographer.

There may be a lot of bright ideas going in your head, but it’s best to prioritize the directions of the photographer. “Sometimes, you don’t know your best angle. But [photographers] can see something you can’t. You just need to listen and learn,” Jaz says.

Jaz Reyes follows directions from photographer Shaira Luna.

2. Pretend no one is watching.

“It’s super nerve-racking to pose, especially in front of people. I just pretend no one’s there and block everybody out!” Yanna quips. This should help you feel worry-free and more comfortable when posing.

3. Base your pose on what you’re wearing.

Your outfit’s vibe matters a lot in the photo. “If I’m wearing something girly, I’ll do a softer and more feminine pose,” Yanna shares. True enough, your outfit and mood matter a lot when posing; all of them determine the vibe of the shot as well.

Yanna Cowper's hands make the photo feel more delicate. PHOTO BY SHAIRA LUNA.

4. Let loose and move constantly.

Jaz advises being carefree and fluid when someone is taking your photo. “Movement sometimes lets the photographer see and catch the best angle.”

Jaz Reyes experiments with sitting poses. photo by shaira luna.

5. Shoot at a low angle.

There’s no denying that Martine's Instagram is #feedgoals. Having said that, the stylish businesswoman and all-around cool girl has a foolproof tip for double tap-worthy OOTDs. “Low angle. That’s really the key!” Martine reasons that it instantly elongates your body and makes you look more fit.

Martine Cajucom-Ho extends a leg to elongate her figure. photo by shaira luna.

6. When in doubt, point your toes.

Martine swears by this pose for the illusion of longer legs.

Martine Cajucom-Ho MAKES HER LEG LOOK LONGER IN THIS SITTING POSE. photo by andrea beldua.

7. Pose with attitude.

Jaz says, “Whatever your facial expression and attitude is—whether you’re happy, feeling edgy, or have this rock star vibe—it’s going to translate in the photo.” Sometimes, your attitude carries the entire photograph and makes it even more memorable.

Jaz Reyes exudes calm, making this pose look effortless. photo by shaira luna.

8. Find your signature pose.

Aryanna, Jaz, and Yanna all agree that having a signature pose is the easiest way to nail a photo. Your signature pose should be a combination of what your photographer finds the most flattering and what you feel comfortable and confident doing. For Yanna, it’s sitting down and leaning in with her arms, while Jaz loves to rest her chin on the back of her hand. Aryanna's go-to is looking over her shoulder. Whatever it is, your signature pose should show the best version of you on cam.

9. Take control of your face and body through practice.

Aryanna admits practice helps a lot in letting you work your angles confidently and being in control of any photo situation. “You should practice in front of a mirror so you can find your most flattering angle,” she says. True enough, you never really know which pose suits you best until you experiment first.

Aryanna Epperson practices her poses beforehand. photo by andrea beldua.

10. Seek feedback.

It's wise to ask your photographer how you and the photo look, so you can make the necessary adjustments for the perfect shot. Shaira advises, “Don't be shy to ask the photographer for suggestions! Lots of people greet me with a cheesy grin and the line, 'I don't know how to pose!' So I take that as a signal to give directions or guidance. But half the time, they actually know what to do in front of the camera!”

Shaira Luna works her leggy dress in this casual pose.

11. Be mindful of the lighting.

Erwan Heussaff poses for Dookie Ducay. Photo by Dookie Ducay.

It's easy to get carried away with posing, especially if you've planned your looks out. But to make sure you look your best in the photos, check the lighting. “Always try to find the light," Dookie says. "The light should always be on your best angle." He adds, "The angle of the camera plays a big role as well: If you're not too tall, the best angle is a worm's eye view. If you're pretty tall, the best is eye level or slightly above it."

12. Relax.

The only way to own your look is by being super comfortable and cool as you pose. Otherwise, it seems like you're not being true to yourself. Mond shares, "For me, the best photos are the ones where you don't look like you're trying. So breathe in and do what feels natural. The more you try, the stiffer your pose will look in photos."

Mond Gutierrez eases into his pose. Photo by Shaira Luna.

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