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Play Dress Up!

Topshop gives you the best reasons to get all dolled up!
Play Dress Up! Topshop gives you the best reasons to get all dolled up!

It's not as if you need an excuse to drop by the nearest Topshop boutique; the brand’s giving every girl 11 new reasons to expand your wardrobe. They say, “Why dress down when you can dress up?” And to help you with that, they’re debuting their Dress Up collection of statement dresses (11 styles to be exact) that are fun and need to be worn as prescribed—“with irreverence and confidence.”

Not for the meek, they’re built with Topshop’s inimitable flavor that’s perfect for those who aren’t afraid to be noticed. For the brave and the beautiful, they have dresses with sheer panels, in lace or mesh, that bare some belly or plunge down from the neckline (the styles are covered on top for balance). For the coquette, strapless sweetheart necklines are made even sweeter with sexy ruffles or elegantly layered scalloping.  And then there are the updated body-con dresses that are meant to show off a figure that doesn’t quit.


They're a step up from the other dresses the brand carries so it's definitely something you might want to cash in on. Prices range from P3000 to P7000.

Click on the photo gallery to get first peek at Topshop’s Dress Up collection!

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