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Plastic And Proud

Yes, the newest eco-friendly bags are made of plastic.
Plastic And Proud Yes, the newest eco-friendly bags are made of plastic.

Thanks to Anya Hindmarch, designer of the much coveted “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” tote, plastic bags have become the latest fashion no-no. It takes Vaho Trashion Bags, the latest European import, to turn that idea around. Cut from PVC billboards, the bags from Vaho Works present a bold fashion statement that says something about the environment, too.

Luca Leonardi and Patricio Abreu are the masterminds behind Vaho Works, an eco-design studio that specializes in transforming discarded materials—like awnings and oil barrels—into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and accessories. They call their design philosophy “Trashion,” the transformation of trash to fashion. Unlike many other eco-friendly designers, the results of Leonardi and Abreu's efforts do not remain unseen. Since the establishing of Vaho Works, the value of PVC billboards in Barcelona has increased to such a level that unlike previous years, not one billboard is wasted. Imagine how many bags they could make if they set-up a studio in the Philippines, which probably has a billboard, PVC sign, or tarpaulin at every corner.

You can get your hands on one of these creations at any Bratpack store. Save the environment and stay fashionable. Wear your own Vaho Trashion Bag proud!

—Gerry Dy, Intern

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