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Pia Wurtzbach Talks About Her Fashion-Packed Life in the Big Apple

She even sat front row at NYFW!
Pia Wurtzbach Talks About Her Fashion-Packed Life in the Big Apple She even sat front row at NYFW!

It’s been roughly five months since our very own Pia Wurtzbach bagged the Miss Universe crown. Since then, she has officially begun her reign while living in New York a.k.a. every fashion girl’s dream destination. With that in mind, during her last visit here in Manila, we just had to ask our queen: how’s life at the Big Apple?

Style Bible, of course, had to start with a question about her experience while attending and even walking for the recently concluded New York Fashion Week.

“It was very exciting because they sat me right in the front row,” says Pia, whose eyes immediately lit up when she started talking about NYFW. “People take pictures of you—not just photographers, not just the media, even those who just simply liked your outfit! During Fashion Week, everybody’s on their A-game. They compliment each other’s clothes even though they don’t really know each other. Somebody would randomly tell you, ‘I love that outfit. It’s fabulous!’”


Of course, what’s NYFW without the couture? The 26-year-old beauty queen also couldn’t help but share her newfound love for designer clothes.

“It was a great experience. I really admire all of it. It’s different when you see it in person compared to when you see it in photos. When you see it up close and you see the model pass by, you really appreciate all the hard work and the detail that the designers put into these pieces and garments. That’s when I had this new appreciation for fashion,” Pia shares.

When asked what life hack she has learned in the Big Apple so far, her answer was still right up in the fashion alley. “Layering! Especially during the winter. I’m not so used to the cold, and in New York, the weather can be unpredictable, so dress accordingly.”

To which, she even added some traveling advice:

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“One year is not enough to visit New York. I still have a lot of unticked boxes. But if you do have the chance, walk around, enjoy the city, enjoy the shopping, watch Broadway shows, and go to Central Park—it’s absolutely beautiful!”

Noted on that, Queen P!

Photos via @piawurtzbach on Instagram | Main image/art by Gab Gutierrez

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