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Phoemela Baranda Is Pregnant Again at 40, and She’s Positively Glowing

She tells Preview about looking forward to becoming a mother a second time around.

Nov 18, 2020

"The timing was just perfect. I’m blessed to be in good health, we have more time at home, and I found the right person."

Good news arrived for Phoemela Baranda in this crazy year we call 2020. At 40, the top model turned TV personality and entrepreneur is expecting her second child, and she is looking radiant as ever.

Already in her second trimester, she revealed that she’s due to give birth in March 2021. “For the gender, I will keep you posted,” she said with a smile. “Keeping it a bit of a surprise!”

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phoemela baranda pregnant


A Planned Pregnancy

Phem and her partner, businessman and professional race car driver Jason Choachuy, really planned for this pregnancy. In case you missed it, Phoemela has been an active race car driver in the Philippine circuit for over seven years now. She and Jason raced together for the Formula V1 Endurance race last year in November, and that’s where the two reconnected.

“I've always wanted another child, and my partner [wanted one] as well—it’s his first,” she shares. The conversation about having a baby started when they began dating, and fortunately for the couple, they were blessed with one this year.

phoemela baranda pregnant

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Fortune was truly on their side. Women past the age of 35 are often cautioned about having difficulty conceiving and carrying a baby. Fortunately for Phem, quarantine also segued to focusing on her intention and her wellbeing. Apart from healthy eating and exercise, she feels that getting a vitamin boost from her doctor and really taking the time to relax and enjoy intimate moments with her partner was what really helped.

“I’m blessed to be in good health, we have more time at home, and I found the right person.” Jason, she says, is as involved and excited as she is, and the couple is looking forward to raising their baby together.

New Roles and Next Chapters

“To be honest, I have some anxieties. It has been years since my last pregnancy, but I’m more excited to enter this new chapter,” Phem shares.


Her firstborn daughter, Kim Nichole Baranda, is already 21, Phoemela gave birth to Kim when she was only 19 and still building her career as a model. Two decades later, she mulls over the difference between her pregnancy at a younger age and now. “This time the only difference is that I'm more mentally prepared,” she says, “but [I feel the] same amount of excitement and love, especially that my partner and Kim are beside me for support.

phoemela baranda pregnant


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You’ll remember that when she first introduced her daughter Kim to the public in an interview in 2013, she also shared her story of being unable to play the role of mom to her daughter in her earlier years. Because she had gotten pregnant so young and at the start of a promising career, Phoemela’s mom advised her to keep her child a secret to focus on work first. It was when Kim was 11 years old, that Phem revealed her identity, and could start truly building their mother-daughter relationship.

Today, Kim has expressed sharing in her mom’s joy: “I know a lot of things are going to change, but I’m happy for my mom because this is such a big blessing for us to have an addition to our family since it’s always just been the two of us.” Now a college student, she’s been busy with coursework and is glad that her mom will have a new baby to take care of. “I know I’ll still forever be her baby,” she says while also acknowledging her new role as a big sister.


Motherhood and the Modern World

At this stage in her life, Phem has more than just age and physicality to consider. Apart from work as a TV and event host, she is also involved in three businesses: as co-founder and director for clients and influencers in Active Social, a social media marketing and PR agency, and part-owner of both Beyond Yoga and Make-Over Lounge Spa & Salon.

Still, she sees having another child as a positive addition to both her personal and professional life. Life in quarantine has become an opportunity to create a semblance of work-life balance. With a lot of her work, including meetings and events, being done digitally, she is able to work and participate in virtual social gatherings from home.

phoemela baranda pregnant


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The challenge really is one that many working moms face, that of time management, and it’s something she is up for. “I learned a lot from my first pregnancy and I can say this time that I want to spend more time with my baby, and be more hands-on in bringing her up.”

With four months to go ’til the baby arrives, she’s enjoying observing the process anew and making preparations. “I’m so amazed at the apps for pregnancy now. They’re so much fun and helpful, [giving me information on] everything from weight monitoring, daily baby growth updates, to birth preparations.” There’s also the fun of dressing up in chic maternity wear and shopping for baby clothes.

2020 has definitely been a challenging year for all, and Phoemela has been given a ray of light. New life, after all, is always a blessing to be thankful for.


phoemela baranda pregnant

Photographed by Doc Marlon Pecjo

Styled by Charmaine Palermo

Makeup by Roge Bernaldez

Hair by Lorenz Autor

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