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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012: Grand Allure

Ten designers showcase grand visions for Holiday 2012.
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012: Grand Allure Ten designers showcase grand visions for Holiday 2012.

If there is one thing one must expect from the Grand Allure segment of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012, it's the inevitable deluge of evening gowns and cocktail dresses, treated in all manners of style, taste, and fanciful eccentrities by the participating designers. Ten of them presented their varied dreams on the second to the last day of PFW, covering all sorts of concepts, themes, and motifs that will have you covered for any good ol' event or sartorial necessity.

We didn't get the note that handkerchief hems were back, but Aris Pico and Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos seem to have. Were they foreshadowing a trend that will soon replace the oh-so-tired mullet trend, which Cherry Samuya Veric and Boyet Dysangco haven't had enough of? We have a few weeks to see. In the meantime, we can skirt safety with ordinary hems from the rest of the designers, be it floor-length as in Gil Macaibay's satiny, laser-cut designs, knee-length as in Edgar San Diego's Orient-inspired ensembles, or super short as in Popo Go's ballerina dresses.


If you could care less about hem length and symmetry, several designers give you texture to focus on. Luis Delos Santos wasn't afraid to scrunch up, pleat, and drape metallics, while June Pugat presented his remarkable take on fabric manipulation with his beautifully textured creations. And lastly, famous hair stylist-turned-fashion designer Fanny Serrano turned to precious piña to execute his snowy visions. Who knew he could manipulate fruit fiber as well as he does human hair?

Click on the following links to see the designers' Holiday 2012 collections:

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Cherry Samuya Veric

Edgar San Diego

Fanny Serrano

Gil Macaibay

June Pugat

Luis Delos Santos

Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos

Popo Go

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