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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: Menswear

The “for men only” show in black and white.
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: Menswear The “for men only” show in black and white.

Opening with the light and easy linen of Anthony Nocom, the Menswear show was off to a promising start. His beige or white suits were styled easy, paired with regular V-neck tees or crisp cotton polos in light blues and whites. The look was naturally very retail and an easy fit into every "Juan’s" wardrobe.

Things took a darker turn, color-wise, from there with a lot of black (Odelon Simpao, Dodjie Batu), heavy fabrics, and multiple layers (Jesson Capuchino) hitting the runway. Clearly visions of Holiday 2011 include holidaying abroad, somewhere much colder than the Philippines.

If by chance you are doing that, Frederick Policarpio’s take on leather (nice chocolate blazers) and plaid (in shirts and coats alike) are nice pieces to take away. Meanwhile, Melchor Guinto cropped the jackets of his three-piece suits to the top of the first hip for a retro-modern approach. While black was his suiting color of choice, he threw in a nice shade of burgundy on shirts, beanies, and scarves for contrast.


Nico Agustin’s sporty casuals were a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the suits and layers as were the cotton fabrics used by Jinggo Inoncillo. Shirts with colored raglan sleeves or contrasting collars and plackets; knee-length, skinny sweats that are ruched down the side; and beige canvas jackets with thin contrast ribbing—pieces that would fit in to this age of decked-out college guys and dressed-down yuppies.

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On a more eccentric note, since there are those who like to style themselves differently, everpresent were those who like to push the envelope a lot more. Drei Soriano revisited the club kid wear of the late ‘90s with shiny man leggings and leather jackets with cutouts. Bang Pineda’s lot of shirts and jackets with oversized grommets and toile pants as well as Zxander Tan’s metallic denim vests and balloon pants are a look for the more brazen.


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