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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010: Diaz, Escober & Ang

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010: Diaz, Escober & Ang Three designers take us through varied creative concepts for PFW Holiday 2010.

First we were treated to a passionate tribute to Tango and what it stood for in 1980's Argentina. Then we were whisked off into the fantastical realm of The Nutcracker, where toys come alive and everything somehow convokes the melody of youth. And then—amidst disconcerting music and discomfiting sounds—a funereal cavalcade of macabre creations made its way onto the catwalk, reminding us that passion and youth are but ephemeral.

It was one engrossing deliverance in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010.

The formidable trio of Chris Diaz, Joel Escober, and Jerome Salaya Ang took their audiences on a jaunt through varied concepts and contexts that left them captivated.

First off, Chris Diaz: Staying true to his romantic ethos, Chris delivered a collection influenced by desire, passion, and all the amorous emotions inspired by the Argentinean Tango. Called Deseo, la Pasión y el Tango!, Chris' dramatic collection featured flirty Latin elements such as flounces, frills, and the use of filmy fabrics. The cuts are decidedly sexy, with exposed décolletages and legs prompting women to assert their femininity. It was a call to sexy sartorial freedom, and it encouraged women (and men) to flaunt the same energetic liberty the citizens of Buenos Aires had after the 1983 fall of the Argentinean military junta.

Second, Joel Escober: At all turns lively and whimsical, Joel played around a lot with fan-like pleats and playful colors and prints for his latest collection, Escape Into Toyland. Inspired by The Nutcracker, Joel showcased prettily dressed dolls and dashing toy soldiers come to life. Ever present in his high retail potential designs are his signature feminine touches and form-flattering silhouettes.

Finally, Jerome Salaya Ang: This talented designer chose to take death as his inspiration thanks to the Twilight franchise-generated vampire mania that has currently been sweeping the globe. His models for Necronomicon sauntered on the catwalk in intricately textured frocks that evoked a somewhat decadent and otherworldly sense of decay.

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—Jae de Veyra Pickrell, Editorial Assistant

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