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Personal Stylist: Work It While Working Out

Start the year right by feeling good inside and out.
Personal Stylist: Work It While Working Out Start the year right by feeling good inside and out.

The holidaze are over and once again, it’s the time of the year when after-effects are beginning to show. Don’t worry though, because we came up with five sets of workout gear to keep you stylish while bidding farewall to all that holiday fat. We owe it to ourselves to look nice if we’ll be all sweatyas any workout maven knows, the right outfit can do wonders before, during, and after exercise.

There are so many ways to lose excess weight, like a proper diet, detox, and sports. But if you’re busy with work and have minimal time to spare, check out five tried-and-tested workouts that only require 30-60 minutes of your time. Yoga, dancing (hip-hop or Zumba), boxing, running, and going to the gym are our top choices, and these outfits are sure to leave you feeling great after a productive day of keeping fit.




This is where you can throw out all the negative energy lingering in your mind and body (2012 residue, perhaps?). Releasing bad vibes through boxing is a healthy way to make you feel better without hurting anybody! Go with a loose tee with hints of color or a subtle print for a tough-chic appeal.


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For most dancers, dancing is how they express themselves. You can do the same with what you wear: Feel like you’re in a cool Step Up sequel by wearing something fun and loud, like neon or graphic prints. Make sure you can project the same energy while busting out the moves with the music.


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When it comes to running, wearing the right pair of shoes is crucial. Play your outfit around your shoes and accessorize! A sportband with multiple features also improves your runs and adds a bit of excitement to your attire.


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You may do the same training routine every time you go to the gym, but it doesn’t have to be that boring when it comes to your outfits. Take time to buy training clothes you really like to give you more reason not to skip sessions.  Details like glitter or animal-print can help liven up your spirit and give you that boost to stay longer on the treadmill.


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It’s not always about high energy and loud music: Yoga allows you to clear your mind and relax while burning a ton of calories. Go with the same color palettenothing too loud or printedso you can concentrate on doing the poses. (We're so excited about the Nike Studio Wrap coming out this yearperfect for those who aren't comfortable being barefoot!)


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