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The Boys of Perea Street Are Changing Manila's Streetstyle Game

They're introducing a cool, lighthearted take on streetwear.
The Boys of Perea Street Are Changing Manila's Streetstyle Game
They're introducing a cool, lighthearted take on streetwear.

Cool, stylish, and unapologetically themselves, the boys of Perea Street are serving their own fresh, fun take on streetwear fashion. Julo de Guzman, Judd Figuerres, and Edsel Uy are the newest voices on the block and they've taken to the ease and reach of social media to broadcast their candid 10-minute commentaries on their latest buys and the current trends making noise on the streets. Their IGTV episodes aren't just your typical informational unboxing videos, though. These boys know how to make fashion relatable to their viewers through unusual, entertaining gimmicks and hilarious, quirky songs. In short, they're all about sprucing it up while keeping things real. 

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Learn more about Perea Street's personal style, their favorite streetwear brands, and more in an interview with Preview!

How did the three of you meet?

Edsel: "We all met through work. Judd and Julo have been working together in the production industry for a few years. I came along when I graduated from college early 2018. I began a directing apprenticeship under Judd. From then on, the three of us found out that we had a common interest in streetwear and fashion."

How did your streetwear IGTV episodes start? Has fashion always been a way for you to bond?

"Yes, our love for fashion and streetwear has always been one of our strongest links. It all began when the three of us decided to order some hoodies and caps online from a streetwear brand, Awake NY Clothing. When the package came, we decided to film our unboxing since we were all so excited. We uploaded it without any expectations. Eventually, we got positive feedback from the first episode and decided to make more."


Is there a story to your name 'Perea Street'?

"Perea Street is based on the actual street where our production house, WYD, is located: Perea Street, Makati."

What would you say streetstyle is all about?

Julo: "Confidence."

Edsel: "For me, streetstyle is defined by context and culture."

Judd: "Streetstyle is such a tricky word. Five years ago 'streetstyle' was about flexing after shows à la The Sartorialist. It wasn't about 'streetwear', people weren't wearing hoodies and sneakers. Everyone was into button-downs and suits. Streetwear changed streetstyle. Suddenly people are into baggy silhouettes, people are flexing shirts, hoodies—all this 'anti-fashion' stuff. It's not about streetstyle—it's about streetwear and how it changed the game for everyone."


How do you incorporate your own personal style to streetstyle?

Judd: "Street wear is all about living your best life possible and I bring that philosophy in my personal style. I wear what makes me feel good."

Julo: "You [have] to be presentable to the big bosses for presentations and meetings. Oxford l/s, crewneck sweaters, jeans, and sneakers. Fanny pack for all the essentials, and a cap pre- and post-meeting. Corporate streetwear!"

Edsel: "I’d say my personal style is more on the cleaner and minimal side. Streetstyle comes in to disrupt the monotony."


Can you list down your favorite streetwear brands? What about them makes them your favorite?

Judd: "I love Palace (more than Supreme). It's just more palatable for me. I'm attracted to brands that don't really try hard to be on trend. The more out of place the brand is with the zeitgeist, the more attractive it is for me."

Julo: "Nike, Supreme, Palace, Unschld [are my] favorites because they epitomize what streetwear is about for me."

Edsel: "Right now, my favorite streetwear brands are Noah and Palace."

If you could design your own streetwear brand what would it look like?

Judd: "It's gonna be a cross between Agatha Trunchbull, Shia Labeouf, and Kanye West."

Julo: "Peep @unschld1986 on instagram. (Shameless plug!)"

Edsel: "I’d definitely make something on the more minimalist/clean side. Maybe a cross between Uniqlo and Acne Studios, a couple of my favorite brands."

You approach fashion with a lot of humor. Why is this? Do you feel like it makes fashion more relatable to people?

"We just want to be ourselves. We aren’t experts on fashion. We’re just actually huge fans of different brands and designers. We joke about them a lot way before Perea Street started, so it’s really just as if our moments are being documented. And yes, we believe that the more you take fashion less seriously, the more relatable it is."


What's next for Perea Street?

"We have a lot in store. We want to do more collaborations, more reviews, more laughing, singing, dancing, and good vibes!"

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