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Here’s How Penshoppe Is Handling the Pandemic and Why Big Brands Should Follow Suit

The fashion brand is using its wealth of resources to help those in need amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Here’s How Penshoppe Is Handling the Pandemic and Why Big Brands Should Follow Suit
The fashion brand is using its wealth of resources to help those in need amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to temporarily suspend operations. Its effects cut across various aspects of the company, from cashflow to the security of its employees. Given the scarcity of resources, making decisions for the company is easier said than done. However, we’ve seen various brands—both local and international—adjust and respond to this crisis in many different ways.

One local conglomerate that has been swift and transparent in their adaptive course of action is Penshoppe. Their solutions touch various aspects of the business, from internal management to customer relations, a model that other big brands can take cues from. Here’s everything Penshoppe has done so far:

1. The company continues to provide full-pay for all its employees.

Due to the enhanced community quarantine that has been imposed in the whole of Luzon, Penshoppe closed all of its branches not only in the region but in the entire country. As with other enterprises, this situation leaves their employees temporarily out of work and not assured of their salaries. However, Penshoppe shared in an Instagram post that full pay will be granted to their employees for the entire duration of the community quarantine (April 12) “without any deduction to their leave allotments.” To ensure the health and safety of their employees, the brand has also implemented work-from-home arrangements.  


2. The company is giving back to its local community.

Acquiring food and other necessities have been a struggle for most households, especially the underprivileged. Penshoppe decided to help out those in need by donating meals and rice to households within the area of the brand’s headquarters in Quezon City, including the GABC Gawad-Kalinga Village

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3. The company is supporting foundations.

Penshoppe is reaching out to more affected families by supporting foundations such as Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) to provide food relief. The brand is also coordinating with Tanging Yaman Foundation to help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) that will protect our frontliners. 

4. Helping frontliners is an ongoing effort.

Aside from pledging to donate 25,000 surgical masks, Penshoppe announced earlier today that it will be “working with the factories of our vendor partners to produce urgently needed PPEs for distribution amongst our brave healthcare workers.” Factories are company assets with fixed costs, so converting it for charitable efforts is a big deal. 


5. The company has earmarked P200 million for the needs brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was also announced that the company has allotted a staggering amount of P200 million solely for relief efforts related to the coronavirus crisis. It is unclear as to how this amount will be distributed, but the amount itself is praiseworthy enoughpossibly a huge fraction of the brand’s revenue. 


6. The company continues to engage with customers.

Penshoppe knows that customer engagement isn’t limited to in-store service. The brand continues to keep a close relationship with its consumers by creating engaging content as evidenced by the steady stream of fun Instagram posts like “stickers” and “bingo cards.” It’s nice how this kind of content is more ‘lifestyle’ than brand-centric. It gives audiences the chance to relax and interact with one another during these difficult times. 


Compared to SMEs, conglomerates have more reserve resources that can be used to help those in need in this time of COVID-19. Although Penshoppe is lucky enough to be able to shoulder large amounts of money, what’s admirable about the brand isn’t the quantity of donations but its multi-pronged solution that includes everyone—from customers, to its community, to the entire country. 


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