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Pefta 2012 Q&a: Yekky Balingit

Find out more about the sole accessory designer in this year's PEFTA roll call.
Pefta 2012 Q&a: Yekky Balingit Find out more about the sole accessory designer in this year's PEFTA roll call.

How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year?

Overwhelmed. Happy. Speechless. It was a dream and it came true. I've never imagine myself to be part of the list but I'm more than grateful for the recognition Preview has bestowed upon me.

What motivated you to pursue fashion design?

I wanted to give my point of view in terms of accessories. Today we have a lot of choices and but it's the material and quality that make a big difference. You can smell a mass-produced item when you see one.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Extreme. It has always been a paradox. Raw and refined. Minimal to maximal. I've always wanted to create something that is unfinished yet spills refinement as a whole.

Please tell us about your PEFTA 2012 collection. How does it address this year's theme, Silhouette?

The collection is called The New Saint, inspired by the layers of complex, enchanting yet bordering on quaint beauty that are the Notre Dame de Paris [combined] with the languid strokes of the Art Nouveau era. Two completely different design eras that somehow blend well in terms of depth and refinement. The pieces I created evoke something complex but well-organized and logically constructed (gothic) as well as subtle and intricate (Nouveau), while having something irregular in addition to the fundamental intricacy that MIADORE is well known for.

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Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your style influences?

One girl comes to mind—Joan of Arc. I wanted to give her an updated kind of armor. More feminine, languid and contemporary. The young market influences this collection. I wanted to create a clean form of goth and a more contemporary approach instead of using the metal sheets.

Which artists do you admire most, both local and foreign? How does your aesthetic resonate with theirs?

Always and forever, Alber Elbaz. On our shores, I'm always mesmerized by Salvacion Lim, Inno Sotto, Jojie Lloren and Rajo Laurel. Their designs have always been massive in texture and volume yet subdued in shape. My designs always marvel on the beautiful but [have] slight asymmetry to keep it interesting.

What accomplishments in your career, so far, are you most proud of?

Being featured on a cover last year of a local fashion magazine, being honored by a local fashion group (FADAL) which created an event for me and Miadore, gracing the pages of Surface Asia, and of course, being recognized by Preview amidst the vast accessories labels out there.


How do you see yourself contributing to the growth of Philippine fashion?

I'm very proud to say [that Miadore is] the first to break all the odds in using acrylics. In this way, I hope I have sparked the interest of using unusual materials and making them feasibly beautiful and interesting.

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