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This Minimalist Jewelry Collection Has All The Pieces You'll Love Forever

This Minimalist Jewelry Collection Has All The Pieces You'll Love Forever
IMAGE Courtesy of Paul Syjuco
Here's a sneak peek of Paul Syjuco's new collection.

At the mention of Paul Syjuco, you'll immediately visualize jewelry pieces boasting an aura of opulence and luxury. But for Paul's new Cristal collection, he gives splendor a new look. Cristal concentrates on "the gemstone in its natural state—raw, unpolished, and crystal-like," according to the designer. His "80-piece collection features uniquely modern pieces that focus on minimalist design concepts with striking details."

Jewelry designer Paul Syjuco
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

You can find Paul's strength as a designer as he expertly polished and structured gemstones in its natural state to its most riveting form. He turns the gems into dainty stackable bracelets, eye-catching stone-studded earrings, and gorgeous rings and statement necklaces. "If you look closely, there’s balance; it’s uneven but still dynamic. When you look at a crystal, it looks so light and clear, so I wanted to give that feeling," says Paul, a Gemological Institute of America (GIA)-trained gemologist, who describes himself as a "technical nerd for gems."

Paul Syjuco Cluster hoop earrings in emerald- and round-shaped diamonds
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

Deep-diving back to his gemological roots, Paul's Cristal collection proves that even the simplest-looking pieces can be deceptive, in a good way. While still fit for everyday wear, Paul's minimalist pieces actually look unique and highly sophisticated. Below, we get to know more about Paul and his new collection.

Paul Syjuco Citrine, orange sapphire, and natural fancy-colored diamond earrings
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco
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How would you describe you design philosophy and aesthetic?

"I create pieces that are simple yet precise, sculptural yet fluid. My work reflects the deep heritage and timelessness of fine jewelry, as well as more adventurous contemporary influences drawn from my keen interest in music, architecture, and the arts."

Diamond cluster earrings
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

What was the inspiration behind your Cristal collection?

"We’re a jewelry-wearing culture, and a lot of the pieces worn by women have most likely been passed down to them. I love heirloom pieces and the old world aesthetic. I’m told that my pieces have this certain glamour of the old world but it’s also modern and updated. And they love this because it all works with their vintage jewelry. "


Paul Syjuco Fringe earrings in aquamarines white sapphires and diamonds
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco


Could you walk us through your creative process in designing your pieces?

"With Cristal, I pursued a more delicate aesthetic—one that bears a markeddifference to his last few offerings, which focused on bold statement pieces inspired by grandiose art movements. In contrast, the new collection offers a clean and almost minimalist feel, although no less luxurious. It’s reflective of my current mood to gradually incorporate everyday wearability into my creations."

Paul Syjuco Stackable diamond fragment bracelets
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

Is there a particular kind of woman that you have in mind when you design jewelry? Could you describe your ideal muse?

"I’m inspired by our patrons who are all strong, independent, fabulous women. "

Paul Syjuco Silver Tahitian pearl and kunzite briolette necklace in rose gold
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

What do you consider to be your signature style as a designer?

"Simplicity, both in concept and in execution. It involves a lot of refinement and restraint."

Paul Syjuco Fragment earrings in Zambian emeralds and diamonds
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco

What are your starting price points for your pieces?

"For this collection, about P30,0000 and up. "


Paul Syjuco ring of pink sapphire and tsavorite with diamonds in white gold
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paul Syjuco


How can we best reach your atelier for made-to-order pieces?

"The Cristal Collection will be available at Aum by Paul Syjuco boutiques in The Peninsula Manila (call or text cel. no. 0905 219 2948) on October 8 to 12, 2019 and TriNoma (call or text cel. no. 0927 660 3247) on October 15 to 19, 2019. For inquiries or appointments you may also email"

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